Mon. May 16th, 2022

Dear West Chester,

Wow, this is going to be a hard one—this is officially my last issue as editor-in-chief of The Quad. Reflecting on this last year, I am so incredibly proud of the student journalism that has happened here, not to mention the great passion, drive and commitment that this staff and its writers have demonstrated. Every Sunday at 10 a.m., around 10 of us gather in The Quad’s office in Sykes to put together our beloved newspaper.

Every Sunday, this little family gathers—Halle, making sure news is as spotless and thorough as it can be; Max, bringing his creativity into features and designing an amazing section; Mike, diligently working away at op-ed, engaging the room in debate; Eric, always coming up with his witty entertainment titles and making the room laugh; Tyler, working away at sports in the “sports corner 4eva” and laying out a solid section; Alex, editing this week’s photos and cover and providing the playlist for the day; the copy editors, all of whom have shown such strong attention to detail with the ever-irritating AP style; and last but not least, Danielle, for always being so supportive as managing editor and helping me through many a difficult Sunday.

There are so many more people who have contributed to The Quad’s success this past year, but most of all, I want to give a huge, heartfelt thanks to our advisor, Professor Benjamin Kuebrich, affectionately known as “Ben” around the office. Ben has been so incredibly supportive in all of the new initiatives and changes The Quad has taken on this past year, and for that, I am so grateful. I came into this position with a whole lot of new ideas and not a lot of strategic plans for how to implement them, and Ben has been irreplaceably helpful in helping me to see these become a reality over the course of the last year.

Speaking of, this whole staff has worked incredibly hard this past year to make The Quad what it is today; through a logo redesign, many staffing changes, adding new positions, a whole paper redesign, a website redesign (coming soon!), hosting podcasts, holding office and newsroom hours and so much more, we’ve come a long way, and for that—thank you, everyone. I could not have survived this position and all the stress and hardships that come along with it without the endless support and passion for what we do.

Well, to end this on a bright note, I suppose I have my Sundays back! Maybe I’ll pick up a new hobby … or probably just start a new show on Netflix and ignore my other responsibilities, if we’re being realistic.

On that note, I officially turn things over to Max, our new editor-in-chief. He will be in charge of the issue next week, which also happens to be our last issue of the semester, and I know he’s going to do such a great job. It’s been real, West Chester. Next stop, graduation (and subsequent unemployment)!

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