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The Philadelphia Phillies are looked at as a team in the rebuilding stage. Throughout spring training, the Phillies have shown promise, but have also shown that a lot of work still needs to be done. As of Tuesday, March 20, the Phillies have a record of 10-15 during spring training.

The Phillies have made trades to give the team hope of having a chance to compete this year for the division. The biggest recent acquisition was right-handed starting pitcher Jake Arrieta. The Phillies signed him to a three year $75 million deal.

This was a huge pick-up for the Phillies because Arrieta is one of the top pitchers in the league with a World Series win with the Chicago Cubs and a career ERA of 3.57.

With the Phillies being in the NL East, it is very possible for them to sneak up and win the division. The only steady and potential threat in the NL East seems to be the Nationals. With the Phillies making improvements to their starting pitching rotation, they have a chance at contending for the division or even being the wild card.

So far in spring training, the Phillies have not shown much dominance. However, it is only spring training, and in the regular season, anything can happen. The Phillies have many young but promising players who can benefit the team in a much more successful season than the last.

Right-handed pitcher Aaron Nola has only spent a few years in Major League Baseball and has shown to be the future of the Phillies’ starting pitching rotation. Aaron Nola has struggled with injuries during his time with the Phillies. However, that has not stopped him from being considered an ace pitcher for the upcoming 2018 season. If Nola remains healthy, he will be one of the most feared pitchers in the MLB. Arietta aiding him in the starting rotation will be a huge lift to the Phillies.

Another player who could be a huge part of the 2018 season is center fielder Odubel Herrera. Herrera has a career batting average of .288 with only three seasons with the Phillies. His fielding has shown that he can continue to be a huge asset out in center field for his career. For a low-hitting offense last season for the Phillies, Herrera still managed to be a star that has shone with a season batting average of .281. With a talented player like Herrera, the Phillies will surely improve.

The last and most exciting player to mention is left fielder Rhys Hoskins. Hoskins was called up from the minors last season. What he produced for the Phillies in the 2017 season was impressive. However, a batting average of only .259 was not fantastic, but his amount of home runs he achieved was notable. Hoskins had 18 home runs in his first 38 games with the Phillies. With some more experience in the MLB, Hoskins could be a key player for the offense and get the Phillies into the playoffs.

With the young talent the Phillies have to offer, they will be an exciting team to watch in this upcoming season and for many more seasons to come. With Arrieta leading the starting pitchers to greatness, the Phillies have a shot at being contenders for their division.

Ryan Bednash is a fourth-year student majoring in communication studies with a minor in journalism. ✉

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