Unpublishing Policy

The Quad, the student news service of West Chester University, believes it is inappropriate to remove published content from our online products. As with our print product, all of our online products are matters of public record and are part of our contract with our readers. These online products include our main website at wcuquad.com, as well as our social media outlets, our mobile journalism products and our online replica edition. To simply remove published content from our online archives diminishes transparency and trust with our readers and, in effect, erases history. Removing online content is not a practice engaged in by credible news organizations, and we believe it is contrary to the high ethical standards in journalism we seek to uphold.

When errors in our reporting are brought to our attention, The Quad will seek to correct those errors, typically with a published errata statement in our print edition. If relevant new information emerges about a story after it is published, The Quad’s preferred response is to provide an update to the article or do a follow-up story. In rare circumstances, the editorial board of The Quad may by majority vote determine that it would be appropriate to change published content on our website, but only if there is a clear statement that notifies readers that the online content has been altered.