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Dear West Chester, A conversation is a powerful tool. A conversation is the springboard for great and terrible ideas, both broad and incredibly small. Conversations have the power...

Ask Ali: MeToo rape kits are problematic

Photo: Charles Edward Miller via Flickr (CC BY-SA 2.0) Over the past several years, following the rise of movements such as MeToo and Time’s Up, we have seen great progress being...


Lead poisoning in Pennsylvania

Photo: “Playground set” by Greg Goebel via Flickr What happens when two of the largest counties in Pennsylvania poison their youth? When one looks at statistics and anecdotes that...


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Let’s not: no Kamala Harris 2020

I know, okay? I know that you all want to believe and have great faith in Kamala Harris’ candidacy to be the first Black Woman president, but she is literally dangerous. Before I...