Dear West Chester,

Hello! I hope you’re all still riding the high of this 80-degree weekend we just had; there’s just something indescribable about finally being able to walk outside without a coat on, and, dare I say it, in shorts and sandals.

For those of you who haven’t yet heard, the newly-formed DubC for Our Lives Coalition has planned a school-wide walkout in support of gun-law reform this Friday, April 20, at 10 a.m. No matter your political affiliation or stance on gun control, the whole day is planned to be informative, educational and beneficial to all sides. The walkout will take place in the Academic Quad from 10–11 a.m. followed by various workshops (such as one on voter engagement), and finally, from 12–1:30 p.m. will be the town hall in Sykes Theatre! The Quad is very excited to officially be helping out with the town hall portion of the day and will be providing coverage for the event. Six different local representatives and political figures from various political backgrounds will be on the panel including Democrat, Republican and Libertarian, so make sure to stop by, ask them some questions, and enjoy an engaging conversation about gun control as told from various backgrounds and beliefs. To learn more, you can visit their Facebook event entitled “DubC Walkout For Our Lives.”

Additionally, I have an exciting announcement: The Quad will officially be bringing on a social media manager next semester! Social media has been something staff has helped out with when we get the chance, but I look forward to hiring somebody who will exclusively be able to concentrate on sharing our award-winning content consistently in the virtual realm. If you’re interested in the position, please reach out to me at and I will send you the application.

Quickly, I’d like to thank everyone who has helped make The Quad so wonderful this semester, from writers to staff members to faculty and more. I’m so incredibly proud of the work that’s gone into this publication and cannot wait to see where it goes after I graduate. Having a strong sense of community and an open vehicle for sharing ideas, opinions, events and important issues with a local focus is something I hold so dear to my heart, so I am deeply grateful for all those who share this passion and work so hard to make it an actuality week after week.

All right, there’s my sentimental diatribe for the week (it’s obligatory since I’m graduating in May, right?). Anyway, have a wonderful week as always, West Chester, and enjoy the drastically improved weather!

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