Tue. Jun 18th, 2024

Dear West Chester,

Hello! It’s been quite a while since we’ve published an issue of The Quad. I hope this new issue finds you in good, well-rested spirits following spring break. And hey, if you didn’t have a restful spring break, at least you had some class cancellations this past week because apparently, winter isn’t ready to let go.

As many of you probably know, this past Saturday marked a monumental moment in U.S. history with the March for Our Lives rallies taking place in cities across the country. We have a few articles covering this historic moment: one in news on the front cover (continued onto page seven) by staff writer Samantha Walsh and an op-ed on page 25 by Christopher Sheehan who is special to The Quad. I encourage you all to check out both of these great articles, especially if you—like me—couldn’t attend the rally. A group of students is working diligently to plan events and meetings around campus regarding gun saftey in the community right here at WCU; so far, a walkout is in the works for Friday, April 20.

On another note, I just wanted to take a moment to thank everyone who has contributed to making The Quad so great this year. I’ve been in something of a sentimental mood recently having realized I’m in the homestretch of my senior year here at dear old WCU, and I couldn’t help but reflect on my last four years with The Quad. I’ve been with this publication since I was a freshman, jumping at the chance to publish my terribly written articles on what new TV show was returning for another season. After finding my voice a bit more, I was fortunate enough to get hired onto the staff as a copy editor almost two years ago now.

Looking back, I just can’t help but feel so incredibly proud of the great strides we’ve made since then—for any other upperclassmen who were involved with The Quad (or at least have read it) since our underclassmen days, I think it’s safe to say we’ve collectively gone through quite the evolution. From a new logo, print design and redesigned website (coming soon!) to a wider range of contributors and consistently strong journalism, I can happily leave this position knowing that many of the things that I and the rest of the staff wanted to tackle came to fruition.

Speaking of which, I have to officially say that due to printer availability and other factors outside of our control, we will be continuing to publish in tabloid for the foreseeable future (who knew that newspaper printers aren’t as common as they once were?). That being said, that hasn’t stopped us from playing around with how we lay out our tabloid editions. Our front page has cycled through various stages of redesign, and we would love your feedback on what you’ve liked/want to see in the future of The Quad! If you’d like to share your feedback (which we more than welcome), you can email me at QuadEIC@wcupa.edu.

Anyways, have a wonderful week, West Chester. We won’t be publishing this upcoming week due to Easter falling on that Sunday, so we will see you all when we come back with our April 9 edition!

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