Tue. May 28th, 2024

The annual APSCUF (Association of Pennsylvania State College and University Faculties) student versus faculty WIFFLE Ball game took place Thursday, April 5 on the academic quad. For the first ten minutes or so there were not enough students to make even teams. Right after the initial teams were made and the game began, I was able to observe a group of around six students run over from the library to save the day. Teams were reorganized, and then the real game was underway.

Faculty were adorned in West Chester baseball jerseys with “APSCUF” filling in the space where a name would usually go, while students wore blue APSCUF t-shirts. The ideal weather for a WIFFLE Ball game was nowhere near present, as winds whipped around 15 miles per hour and amplified the cold. Outfits ranged from wearing the t-shirt over a jacket with sweatpants to just the t-shirt and a pair of shorts.

The first pitch of the game actually hit the student batter, which immediately prompted humorous fake outrage towards the pitcher from her fellow teammates. After the first inning, the score stood at five runs for the students and four runs for the faculty. The students had a big top of the second inning as they extended their lead to ten runs, making it 14-4. The faculty were shut down in the bottom of the inning, and due to time constraints, the game ended at 14-4 with the students taking the day. High fives and laughs were traded at the end of the game, as the score was the least important aspect of the event.

This year, APSCUF is bringing attention to the PA Promise, which can be found on social media using #PApromise. This plan is centered around the goal of making higher education more affordable in Pennsylvania, which includes possibly covering two years of tuition for high school graduates enrolled at Pennsyvania community colleges.

Professor Kuhio Walters is in charge of the WIFFLE Ball game and had this to say on its origin: “We have actually had a faculty softball team for about ten years. This is the fourth WIFFLE Ball game, and that is where we came up with the idea for this. We play all over the area.”

After witnessing the student versus faculty game in person, I can say this is truly a lighthearted event where students and faculty can bring out the competitive edge in each other while still having fun. I just hope the next time around its 20 degrees warmer. For more information on the PA promise, visit papromise.org.

Tyler Grace is a first-year student majoring in economics and finance. ✉ TG885739@wcupa.edu.

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