Wed. Jul 17th, 2024

Farewell to the tracks of the old iron train  

And the beauty of midnight and shadowy gains 

You only traversed what the forest thought best 

And read from the moss that the stars led out west  

There might be a morning when passion grows dim  

So cradle your dreams on the breath of the wind 

Follow the tracks to the end of the line 

Farewell to the ghosts who have guided your time 


“Farewell Miss Montgomery, I’ve got to move on 

Take consolation from the notes of my song 

I’ll hum you to sleep so you won’t know I left 

Then climb out the window and run for the west 

We both know this time is a fleeting blue gem 

Like the necklace I gave you to predicate when  

I needed to leave to carve out my own space 

Farewell Miss Montgomery, remember my face”  


Farewell to beauty of mist in the fields 

Creeping through valleys, refusing to yield 

Except when the clouds in the sky changed their ways 

And the mist would climb upward, revealing the day 

It’s hardly important to follow the wind 

When the mountains don’t know yet which way to begin  

So you’re traveling westward where the flowers still grow 

Sing farewell to the ghosts that you pass as you go 


Emily Karreman is a third-year student with majors in History and Russian and a minor in Spanish.

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