Thu. May 30th, 2024

My sister is my favorite poem,

The one I always come back to read

For a laugh, a good cry, and to feel loved


My sister and I are day and night,

She is the glow of the moon and I am the warmth of the sun

She is the sense to my chaos, and in the midst of my rage she pours her peace


My sister is everything I aspire to be

She is resilient, embodies intelligence and moves with a God-given grace

We thank God for making us sisters because we know we have hated each other otherwise

Being her little sister will forever be at the top of my gratitude prayers


Although 22 months apart, and as different as we are and look

From birth, our Mother would always dress us as twins

As we got older my sister decided she no longer wanted to be my twin

To this day I remember the way my heart broke and ached

For I had only ever known how to be her twin, her shadow


She liked the color pink and red so that meant I couldn’t like the color pink or red

but instead I had to like purple and blue

She liked her hair parted to the side so that meant

I could only wear my hair parted down the middle


So without a choice, I tried to find my own individual self but over and over I failed

I would pick out the same shirt she had and swell with tears

When she would make me pick something else out instead

I would ask for her opinion on everything before I bought it because

My sister was never wrong and her opinion of me mattered more than my own


My sister and I fight a lot

But our anger never sets with the sun

Honestly it only lasts a few minutes before we’re best friends again

Our friendship never keeps count of wrongs


Where I’ve taught my sister how to make her voice heard in a world full of background noises

Through her I have learned to make sure everyone I am around is and feels heard


No matter which way the wind blows,

I know without doubt she will always be the constant in my life

I cannot think of life without her,

Not even a version of who I would have been


My built-in-best friend, my catcher in the Rye, My homeland, my twin

As different as we are, you are my reflection in the mirror

My story began with you and so it’s only right that it will end with you

You are my favorite Poem


Perpetual Kahindo is a third-year Political Science major.

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