Thu. Jun 13th, 2024

Thoughts, actions, words that carry emotion when created 

When heard or felt, the feelings are reciprocated 

By whoever for whatever reason, it can carry weight, 

Make someone feel some sort of emotion that they don’t anticipate 

We say “we can’t help how we feel”, but really — can we? 

Could we control our emotions that are brought up by our surroundings? 

I think that sometimes the pain that I feel is really nothing 

But the crazy thing is, I know that sometimes it’s a good thing 

To feel pain, to feel lost, to feel empty inside, 

I hate the way it feels, but I also can’t lie 

The things we feel are allowed to be brought out into the light,

But we can’t have them control us and bring out a dark side. 


Emotions, we can stop them, but they can also stop us.

Jasmine Stewart, Blacklight Fundraising Chair. Jasmine Stewart is a third-year Mathematical Finance student with a minor in Business Analytics and Economics.


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