Tue. May 28th, 2024

It is 3 a.m., and my mind is consumed of you 

I’m thinking of those soft brown eyes that melt like honey in the sunlight 

I wish I could see them in real life 

See if they’d melt for me and lure me closer 

See if they could make me fall any more in love with you 


I dream of touching those brown curls 

Running my hands through them like a seamstress admiring silk  

I crave to trace the outline of your jawline with my fingers 

Enticed as they memorize the rhythm of your skin 


Maybe one day I’ll even get to stroke my nose up your neck 

Breathing in your scent before marking your sweet honeydew lips as mine 


But maybe is a lie 


You seem to adore me if I’m reading you right 

But not as a lover 

How dare you still see me as a child 


You think of another girl and fall asleep to a song that reminds you of her. 

You even write poems about her and even love letters with tear stains 


Betrayal, strikes the heart 

Because if my love for you was measured by love letters, there would be no homes for humans or birds.  

If my love for you was measured in tears, they would open the drains in the streets so people could walk on their feet 


But I’ve found the peace to understand that this love is one-sided, 

Only ‘we’ exist in my head 


Perpetual Kahindo is a second-year Political Science major. Pk973548@wcupa.edu.


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