Thu. Jun 13th, 2024

Separating a friendship and love  

when that was all you wanted to feel for him. 

All you could feel. 


When the friendship made the love way too easy 

But, I guess for you it was too hard. 


The two things were so intertwined  

through our minds  

we couldn’t figure out how to pick a side. 


it was eternal love 

I tell myself 

because my soul felt it 

we both dealt with 


the cards we were handed  

but you  

wanted to keep your hands hidden  

when you knew you had the winning hand the entire time. 

you folded. 

played it safe. 


if we played 2 out of 3 maybe I’d see you sometimes 

but you  

only had time for one game. 


yet I wanted your ten million kisses. 


Your heart to love. 

Your mind to wonder on my lonely nights, 

your words to caress through my fear. 

your eyes to stare into whenever it felt right 

your, forever. 

but you  

only had time for that single game with me 



I wanted so much more 

with you  


with you  

I could’ve watched you  

watch me forever 

could’ve sat and let you lie to me 


I feared, 

I would’ve let you hold my hand till whenever 


you felt you needed to let go. 

And eventually, you did. 


Holding you was the last thing I wanted to lose 

But feeling your warmth was the perfect reason for me to stay in our bliss. 


NABJ board member Leilah Abree James 

Leilah James, 4th year Exercise Science major with a concentration in Kinesiology,

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