Wed. Jul 17th, 2024

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The West Chester Growers Market is a fun, easy and cool new way to shop.

Walking into Lawrence Dining Hall, you get smacked in the face with the smell of greasy pizza and old fruit, and you wonder if you will ever escape the heavily oiled or freezer-burnt food. Every student is tired of the same old dining hall food, nothing fresh, always fried or frozen. The time has come to move on and take a walk over to the grower’s market on Church Street.

The West Chester Growers Market, on the corner of N. Church and W. Chestnut runs from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. every Saturday from May to December. From January to April the market runs from 10 a.m. to noon every 1st, 3rd, and 5th Saturday. Known as the first producer-only market in Southeastern PA, the vendors will only sell what is made or grown by them. Attending our town’s farmers market is a way to connect with the West Chester community and being in college it is important to network yourself whenever given the chance. Visiting the Growers Market with your roommates is a fun weekend activity, especially in the fall during pumpkin sales. The market is easily accessible to all students; it’s in the heart of town and just a quick walk from both the dorms and the borough. If you have a car and want to drive, do not worry about paying to park, because as stated on their Facebook page, meter parking is free during market hours. Fall is here and so are the favorite fall flavors; now is a perfect time to go and buy all-in-season fruits, vegetables and homemade pies. Purchasing fresh and in-season produce is a perfect way to avoid those old freezer-burnt meals from Lawrence.

Countless students avoid going to the farmer’s market because it is unfamiliar territory and is known to be expensive. What many don’t realize is that all vendors take both cash and credit, and it genuinely is affordable. An individual can buy one pound of tomatoes for five dollars or less, a fresh bouquet of flowers for 10 dollars, and even a delicious and unique slice of cheesecake for five dollars.

I had the opportunity to go to the farmers market this weekend and speak with a few of the local vendors. Each person expressed their gratitude for the Growers’ Market and highlighted the added positives of making connections with the people in the community. Every vendor is local and going to the market doesn’t only boost your healthy food intake, but also supports local businesses. Going to the West Chester Growers Market is a perfect way to shake the hands that feed you. Stop eating the same old food every day and get some fresh air at the farmers market next Saturday.

Jillian Hatfield is a third-year media and culture major. 

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