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Feb 28, 2022

There once lived a siren

Who haunted the breeze,

Looking for sailors

Whose hearts she could seize.


She swam til she spotted

The swaying of masts

And knew there were men

To be rendered aghast.


So she cut through the waves,

Her body a knife

And she sang to the boys

Of romance and life.


Filled with desire,

They’d lean towards her call

Till she’d grab for their hands,

From the boat they would fall. 


She’d drag them below

Where they’d pay their toll

By kissing the maiden

Who’d tear out their soul.


People are shocked

Yet they need the reminder;

Things might’ve been different

If they’d treated her kinder. 

Ali Kochik is a fourth-year English major with minors in Journalism and Women’s & Gender Studies.

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