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Photograph of Ram Statue outside of WCU Old Library. Photo credits: Hally Everett

  1. Take a walk through town: The picturesque town of West Chester is the perfect place to walk around. Grab a bite to eat while you’re there! 
  2. Take a picture with Rammy: Whether it’s the statue or the mascot, getting a picture with Rammy is a West Chester must!
  3. Get a Banana Day t-shirt: Banana day is a campus tradition dating back to 1996 to promote healthy living. This year, Banana Day will be Wednesday, April 20, 2022. Try to be one of the lucky ones to win a t-shirt!
  4. Go to a basketball game: Basketball games at WCU are some of the most hype events I’ve ever seen. Plus, there’s sometimes a chance to win free stuff! The next home game will be WCU vs. East Stroudsburg. The women’s team starts at 1 p.m., and the men’s team starts at 3 p.m. Don’t miss it!
  5. Try the whispering arches: Asplundh Hall, also known as “The Castle,” has whispering arches. On either of the arches by the tunnel, whisper something on one side and have a friend listen on the other side. Cool, isn’t it?
  6. Hang out on the academic quad: When the weather gets warmer, the quad is a great place to hang out with friends! 
  7. Pet the therapy dogs: The West Chester therapy dogs always come in handy when you need to destress. They have a variety of dogs but some of the most notable are Mudd, Tom, Lola and Gem. This week, they will be in Sykes on Tuesday, Feb. 22 from 6–7:30 p.m. and Wednesday, Feb. 23 from 11a.m.–12:30 p.m. Follow them on instagram @wcudogtherapy. 
  8. Have dinner in Sykes: Sykes has many different food options from Chick-Fil-A to sushi. Try it out!
  9. Try a food truck: On the same note, there are lots of food trucks hanging out on Church Street. It’s not uncommon to see lines at some of them during the lunch rush! 
  10. Join a club: WCU has over 380 clubs and organizations. Visit RamConnect to view the full list and join a club! Be sure to check out the involvement fair each semester as well. 
  11. Have a bagel from Einstein Bagel Bros: Einstein’s has great bagels and has lots of room to hang out and eat with your friends. Grab a bite before you head to class!
  12. Buy a yearbook: The WCU Serpentine Yearbook is hard at work to make your 2022 yearbook a success! You won’t want to miss out. Buy a copy today!
  13. Go to a Rams After Hours event: Rams After Hours has events Fridays from 8 p.m.–12 a.m. The next event is this Friday, Feb. 25, and it’s a Rams After Hours 10th Anniversary Birthday Party! It will have an obstacle course, bowling, pizza, cupcakes and more. Register on RamConnect to find out more!
  14. Try a coffee from Saxbys: Saxbys is a student-run cafe located at 701 S. High Street. In addition to regular cafe items like coffee and tea, they have “road trip items” that are based off of certain places in the US. Try the disco-tot grilled cheese today! 
  15. Go to a concert in Swope: Swope has many musical concerts including those of students and faculty. On Wednesday, Feb. 23 at 8:15 p.m., there is a Concert Band and Chamber Winds Concert!
  16. See a show in E.O. Bull: Like Swope, E.O. Bull Center for the Arts has many different shows coming up this semester. The next show is “The Winter’s Tale” which will be March 3-5. 
  17. Visit the Career Development Center: Before graduating, take a visit to the Twardowski Career Development Center! There are trained professionals there ready to help review your resume, do a mock interview and so much more. 
  18. Visit Baker Bob in Lawrence: Lawrence Dining Hall is known for many things, and Baker Bob is one of them! Baker Bob is one of the bakers at Lawrence, and he is known for his wonderfully sweet creations.  
  19. Study in the library: Did you know the library has six floors, each getting progressively quieter as you walk up? Whether you want total silence or background noise, the library is a great place to get some studying in (plus, it’s close to Starbucks!). 
  20. Get some WCU merch from the bookstore: We’ve all bought textbooks from the university bookstore. But did you know there’s much more than that? They have all types of clothing as well as other items like nail polish, dog toys, hats, mugs and so much more. Check it out before you graduate!
  21. Take a picture with the new WCU sign: As you may know, there is a new WCU sign and fountain, generously donated by Agnes and Roger Ware, Class of 1982. It’s a great place to take those senior photos! 
  22. Come back for homecoming as an alumni! Homecoming is always so much fun, but it’s even more fun when everyone comes back. After you graduate, consider coming back to WCU to see how it’s changed and see some old friends!

Hally Everett is a fifth-year Media and Culture major with minors in Entrepreneurship and Health Sciences.

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  1. Thank you for putting this out. A friend of mine and I are WCU grads and have been discussing a return to campus to see the changes and share remembrances. These are great ideas. Cindy, ’66

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