Sat. Mar 25th, 2023

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If there’s one thing I’ve learned from my therapist, it’s the importance of self-care. I’m sure you’ve heard the term “self-care” and thought it was just about doing face masks and meditating. While doing a face mask can be considered self-care, it’s more than that! Here are 17 different ideas for self-care that you can do TONIGHT as a college student. Let’s get to it!

  1. Write: Writing can be a great way to relax and refresh. You can try journaling, drawing or even writing a letter to a friend. 
  2. Clean: Having a clean space can help you unwind and feel ready to take on the day. Just try organizing one part of your room and see how you feel!
  3. Meditate: Meditation may sound difficult, but it helps to start small! Try going on YouTube and finding a one-minute meditation video at first. 
  4. Yoga: Similar to meditation, yoga can help you be more mindful and also stretch out your body. Try one from YouTube — there are tons of beginner videos out there!
  5. Color: Coloring, whether in a coloring book or just doodling, can be very relaxing. There are tons of online free coloring pages that are printable! Don’t want to get up? Try a coloring app. 
  6. Call a friend: Talking to someone is a really helpful tool when you’re feeling overwhelmed! A trusted friend can help you figure out the situation and feel better. 
  7. Exercise: Exercise is proven to reduce stress and boost self-esteem as well! Try going to the gym or doing a workout video on YouTube. 
  8. Read a book: While not as common with the age of social media, some still find relaxation in a good book. Bonus points if it’s a self-help book!
  9. Reflect: Doing an internal reflection is a great way to learn about yourself. Try these questions: What do I need right now? How is my life going? 
  10. Practice gratitude: It’s easy to practice gratitude. Start by making a list of three things you’re grateful for today. 
  11. Meal plan, and make it healthy: Planning your meals can help you feel more organized and ready to take on the week. Try to make it healthy, though! 
  12. Do a social media cleanse: Sometimes social media can weigh us down. Lighten the load by unfollowing negative influences on your life. 
  13. Turn off your phone: Taking a break from your phone is a great way to unwind and forget about your stresses. 
  14. Watch your favorite show: Need an excuse to binge another episode? Watching your favorite tv show is a great way to relax. 
  15. Go to bed early: Is there anything better than going to bed early? Getting enough sleep is essential to the well-being of college students. 
  16. Listen to music: It can be rock, pop, country or hip-hop. Whatever you’re into, listening to music can help you get some stress out!
  17. Reach out to the Counseling Center: If you feel like you’re struggling, visit the WCU Counseling Center for help!  


QuadCares Challenge of the week: Pick one new self-care task and try it! 

Question of the week: What have I done for myself today?

Hally Everett is a fifth-year Media & Culture major with minors in Health Sciences and Entrepreneurship.

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