Wed. Dec 8th, 2021
Ashley Kenia
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As leaves begin to fall and color the ground in an array of autumn shades, the stress of schoolwork and the idea of midterms start to catch up to us. It can seem as though a student has the weight of the world on their shoulders and would do anything for a second to breathe. When the going gets tough, my favorite distraction from it all is words nestled within a tightly bound spine. Literature can teleport one into a completely different universe and serve as an escape from reality. Whether your genre of choice is Young Adult, Contemporary, Fantasy, Nonfiction, etc., several new books are released weekly. To keep your mind off the bad and ugly of college, here are just a few of the most anticipated fall book releases of 2021.

  1. “Wish You Were Here” by Jodi Picoult

Known for her hit novels “My Sister’s Keeper” and “Nineteen Minutes,” Picoult is bringing her fans another adult contemporary read. Evidently taking inspiration from the COVID-19 outbreak that emerged in 2020, this book details the life of Diana O’Toole, a perfectionist who has her whole life planned out to the tee. When her vacation ideals don’t work out with her boyfriend, who was supposed to propose to her on the trip, her carefully-maintained world feels like it is crumbling to pieces. Diana ends up enjoying vacation by herself until she is forced to quarantine and be self-isolated; this changes Diana’s whole plan, and life as she knows it.

  1. “Aristotle and Dante Dive into the Waters of the World” by Benjamin Alire Sáenz

Sequel of the multi-award-winning book “Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe,” this read is sure to continue the rollercoaster of a ride the first one was. Two boys in love and a heartbreaking loss that flips everything around are just two of the page-flipping-events this novel entails.

  1. “Call Us What We Carry” by Amanda Gorman

Amanda Gorman’s name fell off the lips of many following her poem at the inauguration of 2021. After delivering her emotional and thought-provoking art at this very important event, people could not seem to get enough of her. Therefore, this collection of her poetic work is undoubtedly one to look forward to and pick up in the fall.

While starting a novel in the midst of a heap of college work might seem like a daunting task at first, I can assure one that it will be the best coping mechanism to relieve the craziness. Many people don’t enjoy reading simply because they have not found the right book yet. If none of the listed titles catch your eye, some other highly anticipated arrivals this fall that you can research more about are “You’ll Be the Death of Me” by Karen M. Mcmanus, the ninth Outlander book, “Go Tell the Bees That I Am Gone” by Diana Gabaldon; and for all the political junkies out there, try “State of Terror” by Hillary Rodham Clinton and Louise Penny. Good luck to everyone with upcoming papers, tests, and quizzes, and remember: a good book can solve any problem!

Ashley Kenia is a first year Communications and Media and Culture double major.

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