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With over 280 campus student organizations at West Chester University, I thought it would be important to cover a select organization each week. The goal behind each article is to achieve a better understanding of what the highlighted organization represents and offers in terms of experiences. Through this new understanding, the hope is to promote a higher involvement within all clubs and organizations.

The first organization I will be discussing in this column is the Model United Nations of West Chester University, or Model UN for short. This is a relatively new organization, which debuted in the Fall semester of 2019.

In a Zoom interview with the organization’s Vice President Gabrielle Hemsch, she spoke about how Model UN is a “United Nations simulation with each student representing a country, trying to solve real or made up world issues.” Issues are usually solved through passing “international doctrines,” making speeches and holding debates, all while using parliamentary procedures.

Since it is just a simulation of the UN, the atmosphere is much more relaxed, allowing for more progress than what you would see in the real UN. The real United Nations is an international organization made up of most of the world governments. It is headquartered in New York City and aims to maintain international peace and security through developing diplomatic relations among nations. In doing so, it works to achieve cooperation within the international community.

In a conversation with the organization’s secretary Katie Kerr, she spoke about how the organization is a lot like the Mock Trial club she was a part of in high school. Overall, she said her experience within Model UN “has been really great” and that she has been enjoying meeting “some great people and being able to experience many new things.”

Kerr has been with the organization since its start about one year ago. Majoring in Political Science and minoring in Global Studies, Kerr is one example of possible majors and minors that this organization fits well with. But what other majors might benefit from being in Model UN?

If you are working towards a major in international or public relations, this organization may help you better understand, and see, the world in a different perspective. Even if you don’t have a major that lines up with those mentioned, the lively community gained by joining this organization should encourage you to sign up.

This organization meets every other week on Tuesdays, starting at 7 p.m. and usually going until 8 p.m., with all current meetings being held via Zoom. You can find direct links to both their Ramconnect page and their website below. Upon clicking on the Ramconnect link, there will be a big blue bar on the right hand side of the page where you can click to join the group. If you have any problems or questions that the group can answer, there will also be a place where you can click to contact the group on both Ramconnect and their website.

In short, Model UN is a new organization that deserves to be checked out. This organization offers a warm community of individuals, a space to have fun and the prospect to work together to solve many of the world’s issues.


Ramconnect Page- https://ramconnect.wcupa.edu/student_community?club_id=30296

Website- https://ramconnect.wcupa.edu/wcumun/home/


Evan Brooks is a third-year Business Management major with minors in Economics and Civil and Professional Leadership EB0916132@wcupa.edu.

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