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The Friars’ Society was a brotherhood founded in 1937 created through the efforts of eight senior men. The society is the oldest recognized brotherhood on campus.

Today, the Friars’ are dedicated to serving the university and surrounding communities.

Over 1,500 men have passed through the society and have continued to set a prime example for brother’s post-graduation. With roughly 30 active members, The Society continues to promote friendship, leadership and character.

Notable service projects include leaf rakings in the fall, Holy Trinity community dinners, Traditions galas, Presidential galas and raising funds for the annual Holiday Family initiative, among others.

Sophomore athletic training major Nick Gentile believes Holiday Family is a great cause to work with.

“We help support a family that is in need,” he said. “We also raise money to make sure that they have a great holiday and that they spend time with their loved ones.”

The Friars’ & Abbe Societies raised over $8,000 in the fall. With such an intense focus on service, these men strive to assist the campus and community in whatever way possible. As such, The Friars’ Society has developed into one of the leading organizations on campus today. The bond of brotherhood has run strong since 1937.

President Josh Dandridge is a senior accounting major with a minor in white collar crime. He mentioned his time in the society has “been a pleasure.”

In addition, Dandridge is a Leadership Consultant and explained, “It is a ton of work, but being in an organization where the status quo is going above and beyond is pretty exciting.”

Dandridge favors the projects where “there is a low chance of the task getting done without us being there.” Under supervision of faculty advisor and director of International Programs Dr. Peter Loedel, the society has maintained its rich traditions while continuously seeking advancement in assisting the campus and community.

Last semester, the organization inducted 15 men into the society. The candidates from the fall decided to sell “Ram Pride” wristbands to support the Holiday Family initiative during the homecoming festivities.

The Friars’ represent a wide variety of majors and co-curricular activities encourage us all to do our part daily. Specifically, to help others—no matter what the circumstances.

The organization has been a product of West Chester’s finest and has truly made a difference for the better. The Society is always eager and willing to assist with volunteer efforts, specifically to benefit other campus organizations, as well as in the local West Chester community.

Pride is what these men have for this campus. Thank you, gentlemen, for your continued service. Your efforts make a difference.

Any time you may contact if you have volunteer opportunities. Friars, for all the years of service—thank you.

Michael Moriarty Jr. is a fourth-year student majoring in communication studies with a minor in civic and professional leadership. He can be reached at

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