Mon. Jun 17th, 2024

Safety Alert! You have probably been seeing them everywhere around campus in the first few weeks of classes. The little yellow or white pieces of paper sharing with students the details of student involved crimes in or around campus. This new addition to the stacks of fliers that no one reads began last semester when a girl was assaulted in the The Village apartment complex on South Campus. If you happened to take a look at these warnings on how to protect yourself from such incidents happening to you, you may also have noticed the phrase “Please remove on.” in bold letters with a specific date. This leaves me to believe that this is not an attempt to alert the student body of crimes happening on or around campus, but an attempt to cover their own asses after the horrific way the assault last semester was handled.

I do understand that West Chester is a business. However, I am also coming to the understanding that if the university could get away with not sharing this information then they would. Think about the information we are given as students and then think about the information that could still be hidden from us. Safety Alert!

R. Brandyn Miller is a junior at WCU majoring in Literature.

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