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The 2006 Comedy Blitz, presented by Student Activities Council, was held at Asplundh Concert Hall on Friday, Sept. 8. Three comedians, Alex House, Dwayne Perkins and Sherrod Small entertained a large crowd of students with hilarity and audience involvement. All the comedians’ raunchy, but smart, comedy poked fun at everyday life and the current state of the country. Alex House started the show by joking about the students’ excitement and rowdiness to the free t-shirts that the Student Activities Council threw out to the audience. She quickly found an audience member to tease and named him Pap Smear Man because of the way he was sitting. She spoke of political correctness in America and the tendency of universities to ask that first year students not be called “freshmen.” She spoke intelligently yet hilariously about America’s obesity epidemic, for which she blamed drive-thru windows and late night fast food options.

She also kept the audience on their toes with her eccentric and unpredictable behavior, as she screamed in a devil voice and hit herself in the head with her microphone. This signature behavior not only gave House laughs at WCU, but she is also a two-time winner in the Bud Light’s Ladies of Laughter Comedy Contest. Not to mention she was on “The View” twice, and was one of the East Coast’s semi-finalists on NBC’s “Last Comic Standing.”

Second on the stage was Dwayne Perkins, who has appeared on “Late Night with Conan O’Brien,” “The Late Late Show” and “Premium Blend,” conveyed life in an amusing way. He spoke of the dating scene, college and interracial dating. Talking about the bizarre use of roofies to pick up women, he said, “Don’t be lame, use your game.” Perkins also told the audience of his superpower to walk into a room and know what girl he can get, rather than the girl that he wants, and the need for government issued numbers as a rating of attractiveness. “If you’re a seven, you can date sixes and eights but don’t you dare talk to a nine!” he joked. Perkins spoke cleverly of everyday happenings in the world, making his set more than entertaining.

Sherrod Small, who appeared on “Tough Crowd,” “Premium Blend” and “The Chris Rock Show,” frequently spoke of pop culture and celebrities, like on his job as a commentator on “Best Week Ever.” He also made fun of “Snakes on a Plane” and its box office disappointment, saying that Samuel L. Jackson would be in anything, including a movie titled “Polar Bears on the Subway.” Small covered hot topics such as celebrity babies, famous rich people going to jail, race in America and President Bush and delivered them in a comical and witty way.

All three comedians had the audience laughing the whole way through. An audience member was pointed out repeatedly by all three comedians because of his Steelers jersey, and other audience members got involved with the fun. The amount of crowd participation as well as the talent of the comedians made the Comedy Blitz an overall success.

(Hershel Cohen)

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