Sat. Jun 22nd, 2024

A fundraiser was held to supply Thanksgiving meals to our community this past Wednesday and Thursday called the Good Cause Caf.The Good Cause Caf is a used book and baked goods sale that was held in the Sykes Ballrooms on November 8 and 9. It was organized by the Service-Learning and Volunteer Programs and also through lots of donations from volunteers who would bring in items for sale.

Maggie Tripp, Director of Service-Learning and Volunteer Programs, has been organizing the Good Cause Caf for five years now and said this year was the most successful she has ever seen. “Last year we raised $600 total which was great, but this year we raised $500 just on Wednesday,” said Tripp.

The Thanksgiving meals come from the Case Managers Chester County Agency and Family Service Project I. The meals will be given to HIV and AIDS infected families. “At the rate we are going, we might have extra money to give the families for Christmas!” said Tripp.

When entering the Sykes ballrooms, there were hundreds of books set up categorically. Some of them included: how-To books, children’s books, young adults books, business books, cookbooks, mystery books, thrillers, etc. Also there was free coffee donated by Sykes Union Advisory Board.

The books were going at flat rates of one dollar and 50 cents, while VHS tapes, CDs and video games were going at various prices that were all under a dollar.

David Jenkins, a graduate assistant for the Recreation and Leisure Program, brought in a box and a half of used books along with several baked goods that Tripp said “Flew off the tables.” There was also a detailed gingerbread house up for raffle just to make some extra money for the cause.

The baked goods, selling for 50 cents a piece, were a big success. Students and faculty alike could go for free coffee and dessert.

There were also signs up for two upcoming volunteer and donation opportunities such as the Bear Fair. Tripp told me that they raised $50 towards the Bear Fair.

The final total was $800 dollars that Tripp exclaimed, “far exceed last year’s totals.” All volunteers helped the Good Cause Caf be a success for its fifth year and gives Tripp and the Service-Learning and Volunteer Programs a new goal to reach the sixth.

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