Sat. Apr 20th, 2024

At this yearʼs karaoke showdown, presented by SAC, nostalgia ran wide. The host was former New Kids on the Block member Jordan Knight, who was also a cast member in last yearʼs “The Surreal Life” on VH1. Despite initially having reservations about being on “The Surreal Life,” Knight says he is glad he appeared on it. He even occasionally keeps in contact with some of the cast members. Coincidentally, one of his “Surreal Life” roommates, Dave Coulier, was the host of last yearʼs showdown. Knight says that he feels he was accurately portrayed on the show, except for in the first episode when Bridgitte Nielsen crashed into his room. “I got up to see if she was alright,” Knight says, defending himself. In the show, they showed him laying in bed through the ordeal. Being a musician, Knight seems a natural fit to host the karaoke showdown.

However, he admitted that he is not a big fan of doing karaoke, but says that “itʼs fun to see.” Despite not being a big fan, after NKOTB disbanded in the ʻ90s, Knight would take part in his own kind of karaoke. “I did a form of karaoke after NKOTB,” he recalled, saying that he would go to piano bars using a fake name and perform. “It was a way to pass the time.” His best memories of his karaoke days are when people would tell him he should pursue a career in signing.

So what about when other people perform – and sometimes butcher – New Kids songs? “Itʼs an honor, as long as itʼs not ʻHanginʼ Tough,” Knight says, adding that “Hanginʼ Tough” is not his favorite song from the groupʼs time together. Knight is also a fan of other types of karaoke, like the hit “American Idol.” “It brings good talent. Look at Kelly Clarkson; without ʻAmerican Idolʼ who knows where sheʼd be.” Knight, who did a short performance prior to the showdown on Tuesday night, is putting the finishing touches on a new solo album.

“Itʼs fast approaching completion,” he says of the as-yetuntitled album. He says there are two more tracks left to be done, and once it is finished he will name the album.

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