Mon. May 16th, 2022

as an EMT, I was extremely dissappointed in your printing fo Anthony Maalouf’s article. I was there on friday night. First of all the Ambulance DID NOT drive up with it’s lights or sirens on. Once parked it flashed a spotlight at a window and breifly flicked on it’s red lights to get the attention of a resident. Secondly, the ambulance was never “rocking”. the driver and EMT remained in the cab of the ambulance as an attendant got out. The only rocking the ambulance did was when the side compartmnet was opend and slammed shut to check out a suspicios noise. Third of all The name of the ambulance company is Good Fellowhip Ambulance. Good Will is the Fire company. Finally, urging students not to call 9-1-1, because the author amde assumprions about the skill level of the driver or crew is wrong. Good Fellowship is an asset to the community and if you are in need, they are the appropriate route to go, NOT furter endangering yourself or others by driving yourself to the hospital. The actions of that particular driver may have been immature, but that does not speak for how that crew or for that matter, any Good Fellowhip crew acts when dispatched to a call. By publishing his article, the QUAD took part in irresponsible journalism by publishing something that was untrue and slanderous towards a group of people who VOLUNTEER their time, and risk their own safety to help others. As a campus we should be thanking them for their service to the community, not bashing them. Had the editors of the QUAD been responsible, they would have checked out the validity of the story, and directed the complaint to the proper people. It should have benen obvious that the author made assumptions, and was inccorect, and did not research what he was writing about, just from the fact that he coulden’t get the name of the ambulance company right. I guess he was too busy making assumtions about what was going on, rather thatn reading the name in big letters on the side of the ambulance. If what he was writing was true, Rudy Tellez, the RD, who lives right across from where the abulance was parked would have come out. Maybe next time, people should check sources and if the articles are truthful before printing something so rediculous.

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