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West Chester bad boy Bam Margera took a break from pestering the good people of West Chester to go back to school. The new season of “Viva La Bam,” Margera?s hit TV show, which airs Sunday nights on MTV, will be shot almost entirely on the West Chester University campus.Margera will become a resident assistant in an undisclosed WCU residence hall beginning in the Fall 2005 semester. This summer, MTV will be hosting open casting calls to live on the same floor as Bam as his residents. Cast members must be current or accepted West Chester students. In order to appease parental concern, cast members must maintain at least a 2.25 GPA.

Officials from the University have agreed to this plan, hoping to increase publicity for the University. With nearby Drexel University hosting its own reality television show, West Chester has hoped to follow their lead to increase the number of applications recieved each year.

The president?s office released a statement concerning the controversial issue, which stated, “We believe that Bam Margera will be an asset to the West Chester University community. His presence will help make West Chester University one of the most wellknown schools in the country.”

Some members of the staff are less enthusastic about Margera?s presence on campus. Professor Henry McHugh expressed concern for the acedmic reputation of WCU. “Margera will be nothing but a distraction on campus. What will people think of this fine institution when they watch it get destroyed and degraded every week on television?” said McHugh.

An anonymous resident director was also upset by the decision. “How can we expect someone who is known for careless and dangerous pranks to see to the welfare of our students and campus? If he is placed in my hall, I?ll quit,” said the unnamed RD.

Jamie Heller, third-year stdent and member of the skate club, was thrilled by the news. “Bam can do so much for us here. Who knows? Maybe we?ll end up with an awesome skatepark in the middle of the quad,” said Heller.

Heller?s guess may not be too far from the truth. It has been

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