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The 2005 senior gift drive is coming along well and is even exceeding organizers? expectations. The drive, which is raising money to provide a new landscaping and sitting area near the Old Main Archway, has already raised over $5,000.According to Melissa Cauler, director of Annual Giving and Corporate Relations on campus, the senior gift idea is new for West Chester University and is a way for graduating students to give something back to their school. Many other colleges have successfully adapted this idea.

The concept of having seniors donate money helps them realize how important it is to give back to their university, especially in years to come as alumni. Cauler said she wants students to become involved with gift giving as seniors so it becomes a trend for them as alumni.

Cauler said, “We have exceeded our goal [of donation money] because of the parents.” Over 150 parents of graduating seniors have made donations. She said that she and the Senior Class Gift Committee want to see more 2005 graduates making donations. They have a goalof collecting donations from at least 115 graduates.

The committee would love for each graduating senior to make a donation of at least $10 but will gladly accept any and all donations. They also encourage the graduating class to make a symbolic donation of $20.05 to honor the class year. Karen Snyderman, West Chester University senior and Senior Class Gift Committee member, said, “Many students have shown an interest in the gift drive. I believe that a lot of seniors are grateful for the chance to leave their mark on campus.”

When asked why she wanted to become involved with the senior class gift project, Snyderman said, “I have always loved West Chester University and had been looking for a chance to givesomething back. This seemed to be the perfect opportunity.”

According to the committee the hope is that the idea of senior class donation giving will become a trend for future graduating classes. Snyderman said that providing a gift “is a wonderful chance for students to participate in the improvement of our campus.”

The idea of landscaping the Main Hall Archway was chosen after a number of suggestions were discussed. Even though there were a lot of ideas offered to the committee, this one was the most widely received.

Cauler wants every graduating senior to become involved in the gift giving process. E-mails have been sent to graduating seniors? West Chester e-mail accounts regarding the gift.

Donations to the senior gift fund can be made in the form of cash, check or credit card. Credit or debit donations can be made online at www.wcupa.edu/giving/ag_way.html and you can also drop off donations on campus at 205 Filano Hall.

The Senior Class Gift Committee includes Erica McFadden, Jared Washburn, and Preshus Goshay, as well as Snyderman. Committee members encourage all those with questions to contact Melissa Cauler at 610-436-2868 or at mcauler@wcupa.edu.

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