Wed. Jul 17th, 2024


Calling all writers! Reputation Changer, a local West Chester company, located right on North Church St., is looking to hire up to 20 West Chester college students who excel in writing. Prospective applicants should be in the journalism, English, or communication studies departments. This job opportunity heavily emphasizes writing, which is why anyone interested in this position should be passionate about writing and hoping for a future career in public relations or the news. As a writer for Reputation Changer, one will focus on writing for the company’s news and blog network. 

Some may wonder, what is Reputation Changer? This three-year-old company focuses on improving clients’ online reputations and helps to manage their online presences.  The company does not erase online information, but instead buries negative press by controlling search results and continuously monitoring their clients’ names to avoid any future implications. Anyone from a multitude of professional fields utilizes their services in avoiding negative press, fake reports, social media attacks, forum posts, or any other search results that may cause one to be viewed in a negative light. 

Decades ago, a company like Reputation Changer would have never really existed, yet in today’s internet-crazed society, businesses like this flourish. Anyone can find just about anything about a person or business from searching on the Web, which is why people enlist companies, like Reputation Changer, for their professional help in online reputation management.  

Everyone makes mistakes, but Reputation Changer wants to make sure that their clients’ mistakes do not ruin their careers and reputations forever. As the No. 1 ranked online reputation management firm, working for such an established company would look impressive on a resume and will surely be an interesting topic of discussion during job interviews with potential businesses because of the nature of the company. 

Eryn Aiello is a fourth-year student majoring in communication studies with a minor in journalism.  She can be reached at

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