Sat. Jul 13th, 2024

As if anyone ever needs a reason to indulge in Kiwi Yogurt. The yogurt establishment recently implemented a fundraiser to help support Hurricane Sandy victims by teaming up with the American Red Cross. Last Wednesday, Kiwi Yogurt offered customers 25 percent off of any cup of yogurt, and in return they donated 25 percent of all of their sales from the day, from all locations, to the American Red Cross, as a way to help victims affected by the disaster. 

With locations in Cherry Hill, N.J., Collegeville, Exton, Haverford, Moorestown, Penn State, Pottstown, University City, Valley Forge, and locally in West Chester, this sense of community bonding spreads across a wide geographical region in hopes of lessening the trauma of the disaster for East Coast victims. Kiwi’s overall message as being “fresh, flavorful, and fun” sheds a new light on the relief efforts, adding a touch of positivity to a devastating matter.

By donating part of the store’s overall daily profits, Kiwi, along with many other businesses around the local region, encouraged West Chester residents to become more involved with the relief efforts, or just helped many people become more aware of different projects and organizations who are working in full force to help Hurricane Sandy victims.

The American Red Cross, specifically, has provided a great deal of assistance to hurricane victims, and still continues to do so as victims slowly reestablish a sense of stability after the disaster. About 5,900 Red Cross workers across all 50 states have worked tirelessly in regions from North Carolina to Rhode Island, with a great deal of their focus still being in New York and New Jersey. Providing more than three million meals and snacks, and distributing more than 177,000 items, such as clean-up kits and hygiene kits to victims, the Red Cross is a leader in providing assistance to those in need. 

With companies like Kiwi, who are reaching out to these victims, the American Red Cross can receive the necessary funds to make programs and service projects possible. 

With 16 flavors and over 40 toppings, the family-owned business continues to expand to new locations, providing customers with an enjoyable yogurt experience, separate from traditional ice cream shops. Not only does the outer appearance of Kiwi explode with color and radiate a positive energy, but the overall sense of community that the company stresses, especially in a time of devastation, provides customers with yet another reason to visit this yogurt establishment, no matter how cold the weather may be outside.

Eryn Aiello is a fourth-year student majoring in communication studies with a minor in journalism.  She can be reached at

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