Tue. Jun 25th, 2024

The fraternities and sororities of West Chester University would like to welcome the university community back to school. We hope everyone had an enjoyable holiday season and a safe New Year celebration. The new spring semester presents itself with great opportunities.

The university currently recognizes over 25 Greek organizations. While each of these organizations is unique with activities, traditions, and customs of their own, each one shares common founding principles based on friendship, scholarship, and personal growth through leadership and service to others.

The Greek community is currently working to expand their role on campus by undergoing expansion and extension plans. These plans will be dealt with by the Interfraternity Council and the Panhellenic Council. The Interfraternity Council is currently undergoing a long-term expansion plan to select three chapters to come to campus over the next three to six years. It is anticipated that colonization will begin in the fall of 2013. While reviewing packets sent in by nationally recognized sororities, the Panhellenic Council plans on welcoming a sorority from the National Panhellenic Council for recruitment in the fall of 2013.

Jennifer Bowers is a second-year student majoring in business marketing. She can be reached at JB758558@wcupa.edu.

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