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Get out of the ordinary West Chester bar scene and immerse yourself in a culture filled with mouth-watering Cajun-Creole flavors, intoxicating colors and music with funky New Orleans style drinks.

The thick wooden doors on High Street invite you out of the town and into another world of voodoo dolls, colorful masks, deep soulful colors, and jazz music for a time that will capture and entrance your heart, begging you to return the minute you leave. 

High Street Caffe and Vudu Lounge will satisfy every craving you have for unforgettable food, great drinks and wine, and one of a kind company and service. If you’re a food fanatic, let your taste buds get a glimpse of heaven with cuisine ranging from the spiciest seafood and chicken flavors to more mild dishes.

The Jambalaya, probably the most recognizable Cajun dish to newcomers, is served steaming, spicy, and will fill you up half way through. Most all of the dishes come with choices of chicken and shrimp, or more of a seafood flavor with crawfish, shrimp, and scallops, or you can always request more of the large juicy shrimp that are served to replace the chicken.

Special appetizers and entrées are added regularly to the already out of this world menu sending your decision making over the edge and daring you to be adventurous with offers such as ostrich, alligator, and wild boar. These deliciously spiced and flavored meats are paired with sides that complement each other in very distinct and impressive ways.

If you want the taste of the Jambalaya and Cajun-Creole but enjoy salads, High Street Caffe has the perfect options for you. Their Cajun popcorn Caesar and Jambalaya salads are nothing short of delectable, drizzled with Creole honey mustard on top of either fried crawfish tails or chicken and shrimp. Keeping with the lighter side, flatbreads are made in a portion big enough for two, but once you start eating them, you might want them all to yourself. The Jambalaya flatbread is hailed as their tastiest, but their barbecue and fresh veggie flatbreads are close runner ups.

If you enjoy fine wines, High Street and Vudu Lounge is your perfect bar. Bartenders are very knowledgeable and eager to give recommendations for great wine and food pairings. The extensive list covers an array of fine, but inexpensive wines that will surely quench your craving.  

If cocktails are more up your alley – take a seat at the bar and be prepared to find a new favorite with each drink you order. Martinis like The Panty Dropper, Icebreaker, and The Desperate Housewife will have your taste buds screaming with every sip, and the Bourbon Street Margarita leaves a spicy-sweet taste that goes down like water. 

However unlikely it might be that after all of the appetizers, entrées, and drinks that you’ll have room for dessert, High Street Caffe offers two ways of sending yourself into a food coma: by drinking your dessert or eating it. 

Banana’s Foster Martini, Irish and Italian Coffee, and Espresso Martinis are just a few options if drinking your dessert is your forte. If you would rather eat the final course, you cannot go wrong with any of their options. You can even continue the flavorful spice into dessert with their version of the ever popular crème-Brule, or satisfy your sweet tooth with their homemade Banana’s Foster.

Entertainment offered at High Street Caffe is unmatched by any other restaurant in town. Escape the DJs and music that takes over the town at night, and enjoy live bands and jazz-infused music on weekends and every Tuesday night.

Overall, High Street Caffe and Vudu Lounge is an exceptional dining experience that will instantly become a favorite and will not be forgotten any time soon. Their exquisite culinary details and flavors, and unique atmosphere will ignite a craving in you to travel to the bayou to experience the inspiration for this West Chester must. 

Gabrielle Rosati is a fourth-year English major with a minor in journalism.  She can be reached at

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