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On March 7 at 8 p.m. in Sykes ballrooms, the LGBTQA student organization is hosting a Second Chance Prom. President, and third year student, Sasha Faust heard of this idea happening at other schools and during last semester’s event planning meeting she brought the idea to the LGBTQA executive board and they all thought it was a great idea.

Faust mentioned that the LGBTQA is known for their drag show in the Spring, but they wanted to add another big event to the spring semester calendar. The theme is Old Hollywood and tickets are $3 for a single person and $5 for a couple.     The first 50 students who arrive at the dance will receive a free 5×7 prom photograph taken by a professional photographer. After that, the photos can be purchased. Photos can be purchased for $10 each for one photo, or two photos for $15.  

This is an opportunity for people to have a second chance to have a positive prom experience and to have fun. Faust and the LGBTQA executive board have been hard at work planning and ordering decorations for the event. She hopes there is a good turnout and wants to make sure everyone knows that this event is for everyone. Gay, straight, queer, students, faculty and staff, all are welcome.

With the help of co-sponsors such as the Women’s Center, BSU, and the Women’s and Gender Studies program, the LGBTQA hopes there is a great turnout and encourages everyone to come. There will be finger foods and WCUR will be the DJ for the evening.

Lisa Ruchti, an Associate Professor in women’s and gender studies and sociology and faculty associate of the LGBTQA encourages Allies to attend the Second Chance Prom. Ruchti stated, “This is not about supporting the gay cause, it is about marking oneself as an ally. Allies need to stand up and be present.” Visibility matters here and Ruchti encourages those who are allies to come to the Second Chance Prom with their best friend of the same gender. “This is going to be a great party,” Ruchti mentioned.

Owning one’s sexual orientation and gender identity is important and here is a chance to do just that on Thursday March 7. Ruchti is excited to go to the prom with her wife and have a great time. Who better to throw a fun time than the LGBTQA?
Often queer students who are not out in school do not go to prom, or they go with someone of a different gender in order to avoid being harassed. This is a chance for those students not  to make a political statement, but to have a good time and be true to themselves. Proms are such an important ritual for adolescents and too often the queer kids get left out. Well, not this time.

This is going to be like the Drag Show in the sense that if someone goes, they will have a great time. It is a formal event so pick out a snazzy outfit, put on some dancing shoes and get ready to have a blast!

If there are any questions about the Second Chance Prom they can be directed to Sasha Faust, who can be reached at  

Rebekah Balmer is a first-year graduate student in the Higher Education Counseling and Student Affirs program. She can be reached at  

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