Sat. Jul 2nd, 2022

The big band sounds and Sinatra- style vocals from Michael Buble repeatedly reverberated throughout my apartment the second his new CD, Itʼs Time, was released on Feb. 8, 2005. Itʼs Time is full of classic songs that Michael Buble has transformed into his own. The album opens with the Nina Simone standout, “Feeling Good,” which he recently performed on David Letterman. If a song can be sexy, this song is the sexiest of them all.

This Canadian-crooner continues his album with “A Foggy Day (In London Town),” “You Donʼt Know Me,” “Quando Quando Quando” (a duet with Nelly Furtado), “Home” (penned by Buble himself), “Canʼt Buy Me Love,” “The More I See You,” “Save the Last Dance for Me,” “Try a Little Tenderness,” “How Sweet it is,” “Song for you” (featuring Chris Botti), “Iʼve Got You Under My Skin,” and “You and I.”

I was a bit skeptical about him covering The Beatlesʼ “Canʼt Buy Me Love,” but after listening to it 12 times, I honestly love his twist on it. Buble has a way of taking a great song and making it amazingly different. Though he does mostly cover songs, he is truly talented in the way he recreates them. His grandfather introduced him to big bands, jazz, and belting blues, and thank the gods for that.

Even though no one can replacethe late, great Frank Sinatra, with a voice so breathtakingly gorgeous, Michael Buble could quite possibly be the Olʼ Blue Eyes of our generation. One of the best things about this “swing-kid” is that he can sing this repertoire of music for the rest of his life because it is truly timeless.

This is just the beginning of his career, and luckily we get to be the audience for such a talented 25- year-old Vancouver vocalist. Itʼs Time is a brilliantly crafted, beautiful, and different album, which every romantic should hear at least once. I canʼt take it out ofmy CD player, and Iʼve sworn to my roommates that I will one day marry this salacious singer.

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