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It is inevitable that at some point during the semester the food at Lawrence or one of the other dining facilities is going to get old. You are going to walk in and be repulsed by the all-too-familiar sight of day-old pizza, hot dogs, or cold pasta, but donʼt worry: there is a solution to your dining dilemma. Go back to your room and make yourself a great meal on the only kitchen appliance available to us college students who live in the dorms- the microwave! There are many dishes that can be cooked with appliances that are readily available in the dorms. Ramen noodles are simple to make in the microwave. All that is needed is a package of noodles and a flavor packet, water, a bowl, and a fork. First, crush the noodles while the package is still sealed.Then put them in the bowl with enough water to cover the noodles.

Put that in the microwave for about a 1-1 1⁄2 minutes. Next take it out to stir it, and add the flavoring. Put the bowl back in the microwave for another two minutes. After all the noodles are tender itʼs done, but if itʼs too soupy microwave it for another minute.

To make a full meal that goes along with ramen noodles, make a grilled cheese sandwich. Now I know what youʼre thinking: to make grilled cheese, a stove or toaster is usually needed. But another appliance can be substituted for these two that is available in the dorms: an iron. To cook a grilled cheese with an iron, simply butter two pieces of bread and lay them on an iron covered with wax paper. Cook the bread until it is brown then put cheese in between the pieces and heat until melted in the microwave. Homemade personal pizzas are also easy to make in a microwave. Materials needed are English muffins, cheese, pizza sauce and pepperoni (if desired). First pour sauce on to open-face muffins. Place four slices of pepperoni on each muffin.

Top each muffin with a generous amount of cheese. Bake the muffins in the microwave for two minutes. or until cheese is melted. This pizza is guaranteed to be the best and cheapest around. To make nachos in the microwave, all that is needed are nacho chips, cheese and whatever additional toppings desired. Just spread nachos out on a plate and scatter cheese and other toppings on top.

To make a baked potato, just poke holes in the top and put it in the microwave until soft. The potato is done when a fork can easily pass through it. Other vegetables can be cooked in a microwave too. For example, to cook frozen carrots, beans, or corn just place them in a microwave-safe bowl with enough water to cover the top and cook until tender.

When you cook food using a microwave, the most important thing is to make sure the food is cooked thoroughly to destroy any food-poisoning bacteria that may be present. Some may think that microwave cooking may be unhealthy, but some foods are actually more nutritional when cooked in the microwave because they retain more nutritional when cooked less with less water.

For more microwave cooking ideas, go to Annieʼs Simple and Easy Recipes at www.members. microwave.htm. There is also a book called “365 Quick and Easy Microwave Recipes” by Thelma Pressman that offers more great ideas.

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