Sat. Jul 2nd, 2022

March Madness is right around the corner, so get your brackets ready and start looking for your upset picks. This year?s college basketball season has been very unpredictable, with many upsets of top 10 teams and many underrated teams coming out of nowhere. The only undefeated team left is Illinois, who will more than likely finish with a perfect record for the regular season.

According to, the projected number one seeds for the NCAA tournament are Illinois, North Carolina, Wake Forest, and Kentucky.

Illinois is having a great season, being undefeated so far, but it?s very tough to go into the tournament not knowing what a loss feels like. Don?t let it be a surprise if Illinois loses in the second or third round. North Carolina is also having a good season with a 23-2 record. They are young and inexperienced, especially for the NCAA tournament, but are very explosive. They have a great coach in Roy Williams, who has a lot of experience in the tournament.

Wake Forest?s record is 23-4, with losses to Illinois and Duke.

If they grab the number one seed in the tournament, look for Wake Forest to go pretty deep because they are in a weak bracket.

Kentucky is sort of a surprise to be projected at the number one seed, they grabbed this seed because other teams have lost. But they are here for a reason, so keep that in mind.

Other teams that are projected in the number two and three seeds are Boston College, Oklahoma State, Arizona, Kansas, MichiganState, and Duke. There is a very thin line between the number one, two, and three seeds, so look for these teams to do well in the tournament.

According to, here are some underrated and overrated teams that you should keep in mind when making your picks. The underrated teams are: Arizona, Alabama, Charlotte, Southern Illinois, Nevada. Overrated: Kentucky, Syracuse, Cincinnati, Maryland, Wichita State.

My upset picks: Duke, Villanova, Notre Dame, and Georgetown This year?s season has had many big teams losing to little teams and anything is possible in the NCAA tournament. Look up information on teams that have successful, past records in the tournament when making your picks.

In other cases, go with your gut feeling and just guess. There?s nothing more you can do.

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