Tue. May 28th, 2024

I have to admit, when I first saw the previews for “Gravity,” I thought it looked really boring. Who wants to see a two hour movie about two people floating around in space. My parents both thought it looked like a great movie and were surprised when I said that I didn’t want to see it because it looks boring. Both my parents want to see this movie, and now with all the positive attention the movie is getting, I might give it a chance myself. Since I haven’t seen this movie yet, and I’m sure some of the people reading this haven’t seen it either, I am not going to ruin the movie for myself or any of the readers.
Based on 242 reviews, 98% of critics on Rotten Tomatoes gave the film a positive review with an average score of 9.1/10. One critic even said, “Alfonso Cuarón’s ‘Gravity’ is an eerie, tense sci-fi thriller that’s masterfully directed and visually stunning” (Wikipedia). Gravity has everything going for it right now. All the critics gave it flawless reviews, it has an interesting and thrilling plot, and it has two of the greatest actors of this generation in it. It may even get nominated for an Oscar.
Like I previously stated, I am not going to give anything away in the movie, but the plot will have everyone watching on the edge of their seat. Sandra Bullock plays Dr. Ryan Stone, and George Clooney plays Matt Kowalski. Ryan Stone is on her first mission and Matt Kowalski is a veteran astronaut who is accompanying her on his last mission. Sounds like everything is going to go smoothly, right? Well this is when all the drama comes into play.
As the previews to the movie reveal, Sandra Bullock, aka Ryan Stone, gets detached from the shuttle and is floating around space. This happens because debris from a Russian missile attack on a satellite are flying through space, endangering everyone on this mission. Is Ryan Stone going to be okay? Will she just end up floating through space? Can Kowalski save Stone’s life? Go to the theatres, buy a ticket and some popcorn, and find out.
George Clooney and Sandra Bullock are two of the greatest actors of their time and their acting in this movie portrays it. The critics rave about Clooney and Bullock’s acting in “Gravity.” Personally, Sandra Bullock and George Clooney are two of my favorite actors. Any movie that either of them is in is always a success. Sandra Bullock starred in the movie The Blind Side, and she was flawless and amazing. “The Blind Side” is one of my favorite movies, and not just because of the story line but because of how Sandra Bullock portrayed Leigh Anne Tuohy. Sandra Bullock can morph into the character that she plays, no matter who they are. She becomes the character the whole time she is filming the movie. George Clooney has been in a lot of successful movies in the span of his career. He was in the Ocean’s movies, and he has guest starred in many television shows. He won an Oscar for Best Motion Picture of the Year for the movie “Argo.” Sandra Bullock and George Clooney have both had successful careers and they both brought that success to the movie “Gravity.”
Keeley Gould is a second-year student majoring in English and minoring in journalism. She can be reached at KG787739@wcupa.edu.

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