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On Sept. 27, 2013 I had a chance to attend the 2013 Philadelphia Film and Animation Festival. I was invited as a guest to view the film “Writer Madness.” This film was entered in the Project Twenty1, which gives filmmakers 21 days in order to complete the film about a certain topic. This year the people had incorporate the theme “Cell” into the film. “Writer Madness” did a good job incorporating the theme of cell.
This film was directed by Sandra Miska and produced by Brian Carlin. Brian Carlin was also the lead actor in the film. Things can go wrong when you are trying to write something of your own, without people dictating what it should say. That is the basis of the short film, and how trying to keep your own thoughts together can cause you to go a little mad.
The short film promoted the film via social media and other types of marketing. Marketing Head Patrick Viesti, a graduate of West Chester, did well trying to promote the film in many ways. Patrick was sporting a custom “Writer Madness” shirt during the film festival. There were also buttons to hand out to the people at the festival.
Brian Carlin was available to answers questions about his idea behind the film. “My goal was to show that being a writer is not all it seems to be. When it comes to your creative ability, so many people want to control what is to be completed. How that can make a person think that they are hearing voices,” Carlin said.
The short film was more of a dark-comedy. There were a few laughs throughout the film referencing pop culture icons like Justin Bieber.
The film was the winner of Best Marketing of the film for 2013. In all the film was entertaining to keep a person engaged. The competition is good for meeting other people a part of the film industry and see their own work. The competition is open to everyone all over the world.
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