Mon. May 16th, 2022

I will never forget June 2007 when I downloaded the free single of the week on iTunes, “Love Song.” I was baffled because it was a song I actually played over and over again on my iPod. Typically, I download these free singles just because they were free, and am seldom impressed with them. California-raised, Sara Bareilles climbed the charts after releasing “Love Song” and has since made a remarkable career and journey for herself.
After releasing her fourth and newest album in July, Sara Bareilles started her 18-city tour to promote her new album. The singer-songwriter came to the Electric Factory in Philadelphia on Thursday. I was fortunate enough to go and I even got a wave from her while she was up on stage.
The concert was sold out. Harper Blynn, opened for the concert-a band made up of four males, two of which are from Philadelphia. Their sound, similar to bands like Foster the People, and Modest Mouse, undeniably impressed the crowd. They played for a little over an hour before Sara started her first song.
The potty-mouthed brunette brought a beer on stage and toasted to the crowd. She was wearing her signature round, black hat. She admitted the Electric Factory was unlike any of the other venues she had played in so far. She played most of the songs of her newest album, in addition to all of her radio hits. The star interacted with the audience on several occasions, and alternated her lively pop songs with her emotional, soul-inspired ballads.
The concert mixed the feeling of being at a friendly coffee shop performance with an energetic rock show. Fans around me were fascinated that she sounded better live than in studio recordings.
Sara’s talents start with her impressive singing range and songwriting skills. However, Sara broadcasted an array of talents on Thursday. She played her acoustic guitar, electric guitar, cymbals, harmonium, and of course, the piano.
Sara Bareilles released her single “Brave” on April 23. The song was inspired by a friend of hers that had trouble coming out. Though many can relate to the lyrics of the song, Sara had the LGBT community in mind when writing it. Since then, Sara has been a strong supporter and advocate for gay rights.
While playing the single as one of the last songs of the night, dozens of audience members (part of the LGBT community) held up signs saying, “I am Brave” and other words from her song. Sara Bareilles prolonged the intro to her song in order to look around the venue at her many fans who have been influenced by her music. She told the audience that it was a moment she would never forget.
All of her fans were undeniably emotional, and supportive of every decision the singer made on stage. When Sara said, “goodnight” and headed back stage, the audience begged her to come back. This truly was a night to remember, both for Sara and her fans.
Elizabeth Coppa is a fourth-year student majoring in communication studies with a minor in journalism. She can be reached at

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