Tue. Jan 18th, 2022

To the Editor: School Security is a major issue floating around campuses. Some students plead that there is too much security and some say there isn’t. Should there be more school security? Or is there too much? I believe that with the violent acts of rapes, stabbings, and muggings at West Chester University there is not enough school security. Just because West Chester is not a big campus does not mean that there should be less security. There are public safety officers inside each dorm, but most violence occurs either off campus or outside on campus. Unlike this campus, many other campuses have public safety everywhere, walking around or even driving golf carts. With this extra security students feel safe because if they happen to be going somewhere alone they really aren’t alone. More security is also necessary for when students are out at night. Even with emergency boxes around campus, some students just need someone to walk them home when they’re alone which is why more public safety around campus is necessary. Some students will argue, public safety is only there to hurt us and get us caught when we’re drunk. This is not the case; this security is only there to help. The public safety officers who will be out walking around are not looking for drunken underage kids they are looking for predators. I believe with this extra security at West Chester University there will be less violent crimes, and students will feel safe all the time.

Rachel Wiener First-year student

To the Editor:

Parking around the West Chester campus is incredibly limited and inconvenient. Limited is having only two parking garages at West Chester, one of which is on the other side of the campus. Limited is also the number of parking permits that are given out to park in the lots. Inconvenient is the distance that a student must walk to park their car, and than again to walk back. Because of all of the violence that has been happening around campus, many students feel unsafe walking back after parking. Students shouldn’t have to put themselves at risk because of the lack of closer parking. Both areas of parking require a parking permit. Many students are rarely able to obtain a permit for the lots unless it is months in advance. Sometimes students aren’t sure that far ahead of time if they need to bring their car to school, leaving them no other choice but to park in the garages. Not only is parking limited and inconvenient, but it is also very expensive. A parking permit can cost up to $150 or more. For some students, along with other school expenses, this is not affordable. Many students question why they can’t park on the sides of the streets without getting a ticket when nobody else ever parks there? My suggestion is to allow students to park alongside the roads, or come up with more places to park because it had become a huge issue to students around the campus. Caitlin McAllister First-year student

To the Editor:

Honesty is the best policy, in the position of friendship. I am an eighteen year old freshman here at West Chester University, and I believe being honest gives people the feeling of assurance knowing they can trust your thoughts and input on different situations. Although we have all told small tales to spare people’s feelings, these aren’t considered deep, harmful lies. Honesty is also the best thing to do when giving advice. Giving someone advice just to make them feel better doesn’t help them; instead, taking their predicament and leading them in the right direction is better than being sympathetic and grieving over their dilemma. Being honest without being hurtful or harsh is the best way to be a good friend. Honesty allows people to feel more comfortable confiding in you. For example, if you go out shopping with your friends and you want to buy a sweater, so you ask your friend if it looks nice. You would most likely want an honest answer so you don’t look ridiculous. Sometimes it’s hard to hear the truth but if the truth comes from people you love and who love you back, it can be more profound and more positive. Think of it as this, would you rather hear the truth from the people you love? Or lied to by the people you love? From now on make sure you tell the truth to your friends, telling the truth opens the doors of communication in a friendship. Rebecca DiCicco First-year student

To the Editor:

I am writing you because I am a student in the “Womens Today” 225 class with Professor Garrett. My purpose in writing this is because I was assigned to do an outrageous act-something that would better serve the community. My idea for an outrageous act was to stop the promotion and advocation of the infamous “N” word. After I saw the comedy show that Kramer from Seinfeld, and saw his use of the word, I realized how comfortable people are becoming with its use. It’s not fair because there is so much history, pain and hate that goes along with the “N” word. It’s everywhere! It’s not even bleeped out on certain shows on television and radio! It’s really starting to get under my skin and I’m sure many others are feeling the same way. With my outrageous act, I agreed to no longer use the word, listen to it in music, or watch it on television. That that starts within me. Please help me carry out my outrageous act throughout the WCU community. Thank you!

Lauren Boyd

Fourth-year student

To the Editor:

I must insist that you do something! Please, walk outside and take a deep breath of fresh West Chester University air. I tell you that I’ve tried and it proved to be no good! It seems that when class is over, students scramble outside to take a “Drag” of their cigarettes. I personally despise tobacco smoke because I fall victim to a household of smokers, which after nineteen years of living with it, gives me instant headaches. Why would anyone start smoking a “death stick”? Fifty-percent of college students smoke tobacco products, according to nosmoking.org. How could a person put their self at risk for lung cancer, emphysema and potential death from these illnesses? These smokers are not only harming themselves but just think about who receives the backdraft, yes you guessed right, us nonsmokers. Why should we – the nonsmokers – let the cult of smokers comprimise our health? Everyone should know that it effects nonsmokers more because of the cigarettes not having a filter when it enters our lungs. Wikipedia states that, current scentifific evidence shows that exposure to tobacco smoke causes death, disease and disabilities. I, for one, will not put up with inhaling these toxic fumes for three more of my college years! Many protestors have asked nicely for bans but now it’s time that “We” nonsmokers come together and do something aggressively! Thank you! Gayle Mobley First-year student

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