Mon. Jul 4th, 2022

Welcome back to campus – West Chester U. students, faculty and administration. The Quad hopes that your month off was as productive as ours was. Much has changed here as you may see, more about that later. It’s time to get back to the grind of classes, Aramark food and showers much unlike those we almost got used to again. We’re prepared to kick off the semester and provide you with 12 weekly issues this semester.This semester ushers in many changes to The Quad. First and foremost, this new year and spring semester marks our 75th year as the student-run newspaper of West Chester University. We were founded in 1932 as Quad Angles and renamed The Quad in 1975. We are just as proud as we are honored to be working for you – the students of WCU – 75 years after the tradition began. While a lot has changed since 1932 – the invention of computers, spell checking and the Internet – a lot has not. We still strive to present you with the best journalism possible. Journalism that is honest, meaningful and witty. If you think we could do better, please let us know, we’d love to work with you.

Speaking of doing better, you’ve probably noticed that our front page looks different. That’s because we’ve changed it. The Quad is proud to reveal many new changes, and the front page is just the beginning (pun intended). We’ve completed an all-encompassing redesign. Other smaller changes may not be noticeable upon a quick glance, but further observation would reveal new font and design schemes. Texts should appear to be tighter, pages more congealed.

Another change we’ve implemented is the revitalization of our opinion pages. The Forum section is no more; this editorial is being printed in our new Op-ed section. Op-ed is an acronym for “opposite the editorial.” The editorial is written by the head of the newspaper and the opinions – conveniently presented opposite of the editorial – are written by the readers of the publication. As a student-run newspaper, our primary function and duty is to be the voice of the students. Thus, our editorial – which will always be located in this box and written by a student – will strive to give voice to the students attending our university. We hope our thoughts reflect yours as thoroughly as possible. So please, let us know if you’re frustrated with something. Words are powerful and our goal is to make the student’s words as strong as possible.

To that end, we want to make it easy for you to voice your thoughts and opinions. If writing is not your forte, call us – on your way to class, as you eat lunch, as the cops break up your party – and leave a message. We’ll do our best to transcribe it and publish it in this section. Our number is 610-436-2375. Just press 1 upon hearing our voicemail menu. Or, if writing is more your style, IM us at the AIM screen name QuadOpEd, where we’re always online and waiting for your submissions. You can always submit your letters and commentaries to us via e-mail at To assure your comments get published, read our submissions policy printed to the left. We cannot accept anonymous submissions because, as Larry King once said, “Anonymous sources are to journalism what silicon enhancements are to the feminine figure; they look impressive to the gullible, but something doesn’t feel right.”

We strive to publish a newspaper for, with and about the students of West Chester University. We try to do that every week. It can only get better with more student interest, more student input and more student involvement. Our door is open. Come see us. We’re located in 253 Sykes, around the corner from WCUR. We want your help and ideas because we want a better student newspaper. Five-thousand people will read this editorial on paper and another thousand may read it online – make your voice heard and change the world around you.

Good luck with classes, enjoy the missed company of your friends, and welcome back to school.

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