Mon. Aug 8th, 2022

Recent headlines have pointed out all that is bad about the health consciousness of West Chester University students. It seems going to the gym to work out on a consistent basis takes an almost Herculean effort when there are one-dollar movies at Sykes, new video games to play and all you can eat at Lawrence with the swipe of a card. “Between classes, work and extracurricular activities, it’s hard to always be motivated to go to the gym. When I do have free time, its nice to just relax and do nothing for a change,” said 3rd year Early Childhood/Special Education major Laura Condos.

Students need an extra incentive to work out, a goal to strive for. Last semester, Sykes Fitness Center has provided an incentive with the inaugural season of Fitness Football.

Fitness Football was a workout competition which had participants form teams of 2 to 4 people and charted their workout regimen. Teams chose a name and each member was instructed to sign in each time they worked out.

This was not a weight-lifting contest, so strength and size did not matter. The duration of the workout determines the number of yards you earn for the team. Teams could check out their progress on the big football field bulletin board next to the water fountains. Teams could also earn extra yards by answering health related questions posted on the bulletin board. One might guess that the team in first place would look like body builders, but the scoring system in Fitness Football favors those who do both cardio and weights. Mark Phillips, captain of the “Skull Crushers” is one of those people.

“I liked it. It allowed for a couple of guys or girls, team depending, to get together and work out, and reach a goal. Best part? Just working out and feeling good. I would do it again, but I would not take the girls team so lightly next time that’s for sure,” said Phillips referring to the four women currently in first place.

Prizes included T-shirts and gift certificates for the top performing teams. Team members wanting the prizes urge each other to keep going to the gym until it becomes second nature.

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