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On the evening of Nov. 29, the PanHellenic Council (PHC), the Inter Fraternal Council (IFC), and the Black and Latino Governing Council (BLGC) held elections for their 2012- 2013 executive boards. These governing councils serve as the governance structure for 25 chapters on WCU’s campus. 

PHC organizes the fall formal recruitment processes, schedules monthly educational speakers, organizes service outreach initiatives, and in the spring organizes a week of education and networking for the over 500 sorority women. 

Newly elected president, Alexis Townsend said, “I have no doubt that the women on the new executive board will excel and provide great leadership to our Greek community.” 

IFC is to promote the highest standards of gentlemanly behavior and good taste as well as facilitate and increase positive relationships between fraternities. 

In an interview with Mitch Paulinho directly after his appointment as IFC President, he said “The newly elected men of the Inter-Fraternal Council will inspire positive change with determination and passion.” 

BLGC strives to promote unity and cooperation amongst the minority Greeks on campus. All of these organizations will surely improve the Greek life community on West Chester University’s campus.

The executive board of the Inter Fraternal Council is comprised of President Mitch Paulinho, Vice President Internal Jared Epstein, Vice President External Ted Schnitzler, Vice President of Recruitment Kevin Hammond, Vice President of Communications Evan Booth, Parliamentarian Jeff Bruhn, Vice President of Scholarship John Scheck, Vice President of Finance Kyle Gallagher, and Vice President of Risk Management/ Standards Mike Dattalo.

The new PanHellenic Council executive board is made up of President Alexis Townsend, Vice President Internal Kirsten Cirelli, Vice President External Shelby Martin, Vice President of Membership Ashley Stone, Vice President of Recruitment Angelina Reiher, Vice President of Scholarship Emily Britt, Vice President of Communications Georgy Weber, Vice President of Programming Elizabeth Murdoch, Vice President of Finance Rachel Goodwin, and Student Government Association representative Olivia Gilarde

The executive board of the Black and Latino Governing Council is President Richard Gonzales, Vice President of Operations Sonia Vasquez and Vice President of Service- Kevin Mcfisher.

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