Sun. May 26th, 2024

Lucky numbers: 10, 36, 22, 42, 15, 5

“You have the ability to touch the lives of many people”

Fortunately, things don’t go the way that we expect for them to.

When things are right, they turn left. 

When things are up, they go down. 

When we get down, we get up.

“We find love, we walk and we grow and we fall down and give up. Time is running and hunting us down but we gotta move on.”


It’s a song and it rushes through my body

I try to rush through life while trying to practice patience. 

That’s where conflict comes in. 

I welcome conflict with open arms,

just like I welcome everything else in life. 

I can be confrontational, 

But I do wait too long to speak. 

I take my time to process what I’m feeling and thinking

Because under high energy, 

Things come out wrong and a mess. 

That is not how I meant it at all. 

Intention versus Impact. 

My intentions were pure,

But the impact was destructive. 

I can be and feel sorry for what I’ve done,

Solutions to problems where there’s no solution in sight. 

What’s the last number of π?

“There are people who care about you. 

There are people who love you.

There are people who value you.”

There are people whose lives you’ve changed 

for better or for worse. 

Intention versus Impact. 

Your intentions were to take advantage of me

But your impact left a dent in my path that helped me see again. 

Will I ever forget about the way all of these experiences with people and in life made me feel? 

Maybe some day I will,

And maybe others I won’t. 

Only time will tell,

And there are things only time will heal. 

“At the end of the day, 

the day gotta end.

The question is, 

how do you want to wake up the next day?”

As I type away, and write away,

It is the words that I say

that I had no idea touched the lives of others.


Ivori Reid is a fourth-year Psychology major.

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