Sun. May 26th, 2024

can’t help myself – exhibit ‘sun yuan e peng u

can’t help but try to mop up the tears try to wipe away the pain you left me with

it’s difficult

the disastrous ending that I don’t want to wring out but there’s so many puddles 

carpets aren’t meant to be mopped so I had no choice left to get on my knees and clean up the mess that you’d forgotten about

leaving behind a trail of blood from my chest that’s been oozing out since we last spoke and now I’ve been replacing those scars that barely healed with ink

I used to think that ink would spell out your name or even appear in the sky where I lay my head at night

but it didn’t

it’s been somewhere else floating in someone else’s mind and I can’t change that traveling around the country hoping you’ll realize where your love is at..

wish there was something/anything that could help me clean up my mess.


Leilah James is a fourth year Exercise Science major with a concentration in Kinesiology,

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