Sun. May 26th, 2024

Image: Flyers logo

In a stunning upset, the Philadelphia Flyers defeated the Philadelphia Phillies by a score of 7-4 in Citizens Bank Park last night.

“It’s a bit embarrassing,” said Phillies manager Rob Thompson, who suffered his first-ever loss to an NHL team during his many years of coaching baseball. “We thought we had them in the first couple innings, but it just got harder. We’ll get ‘em next time, though.”

Phillies catcher J. T. Realmuto said he was “disappointed” in watching four pitchers give up a combined seven earned runs to a hockey team that was literally playing baseball for the first time ever. “It makes me wonder how we’ll stack up against the Dodgers,” he added thoughtfully.

Meanwhile, the Flyers were cautiously optimistic after this victory. “We think it’ll look good on our record heading into the playoffs, but we don’t want to read too much into it,” stated coach John Tortella.

Flyers defenseman Egor Zamula, who had never even watched a baseball game before, said that the concept of the sport was somewhat difficult to pick up on, but he thought he was getting the hang of it. He ended up hitting two doubles and scoring once. “Next time, I will try to use a bat instead of a hockey stick,” Zamula commented.

The Flyers and Phillies are facing off in a three-game series, and the Phillies are really hoping to win at least one.


Emily Karreman is a History and Russian major with minors in Spanish and Global Studies.

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