Wed. Jul 17th, 2024

You sound like a Weston Estate song.

It’s hard to describe but it just makes sense.

We could have made sense.

My favorite fire sign,

and I mean it when I say it about you.

“Say something, don’t let me go, I used to call you my home. We don’t got love like we used to, but I still keep holding you close.”


As you drift away from me,

I try to hold on,

Because truth be told,

It hurts to let you go.

“It’s harder to hold onto home.”

Where do we go?

April 2021 to Present day 2024.

Three long years.

“Well, maybe we’d make it, if only I stayed for a while. No need to face it, we could just take our time.” 

What if I made more of an effort?

What if I had the same comforting and communicative skills as her? 

“I’m leaving you in the past tense. How could I, when I’m letting my doubts die? How could I, when I’m feeling the love? How could I?”

Mutual friends.

A trio out of a friend group.

Long distance as we move on with our lives,

In a different environment,

We all feel like tumbleweed,

But you two intertwined. 

The painful sting of a stinger that belongs to its owner.

Whenever you disappear, I know.

I feel upset for her, and I never had a thought that crossed my mind feeling happy that this is what she’s getting.

My dearest friend being stung by her own stinger because she sticks with you through every moment and disappearance. 

Overseas dealing with dealings. 

Who knows what you’re dealing.

“I saw your face in the water.”

My moon.

I am a reflection of you,

and you are a reflection of none.

Can’t say I’m stoked or anything 

when I hear from you again.

“Rest in peace to me, I fell in so deep.”

“Keep me in your mind, you can meet me anytime. If you read between the lines, my darling you could see the other side. So was it ever real?”



You know what I’m going to say,

though others don’t. 

It keeps the fun. 

“I wish you were never my daisy.”

“So if you hear the words I sing, I swear they weren’t bout you, and when you see my face and look away like nothing’s new and I’ll let go of faith til you decide just what to do. The funny thing about pain is that it always ends with truth.”

Maybe one day, 

I’ll revamp all of my old pieces about you. 

But for now,

I love the winter and I hate the spring. 

I’ve acknowledged that we shine in different ways during different times of the passing days. 

Like how the night needs you,

The day needs me, too.

The more I listen to you,

You sound like a Weston Estate song.

“You’re still part of my soul.”


Ivori Reid is a fourth-year Psychology major.

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