Sat. Jun 22nd, 2024

As we near the middle of the semester, some of you may still be thinking about finding ways to get involved and active around campus. Well, you’re in luck, because in this article I’m going to give you some clubs that are on the rise or in the reforming process that would love for you to join. 

American Marketing Association (AMA): AMA’s goal is to help all students who are interested in marketing learn more about it and grow in the field. No, marketing doesn’t have to be your passion or degree for you to join and become a member of the AMA. The club welcomes all students who just want to know more about marketing and business in general. Right now, the club is on a biweekly program schedule with scheduled program dates. This Monday, Feb. 20th, Mar. 6 and 20, Apr. 6 and 17 and May 1, all programs start at 6:00 p.m. The club also welcomed four new board members this semester, including Gianna K., Isaiah I., and new co-presidents, Caleb M. and Ethan S., ensuring that the club continues to grow and be successful. One of the goals for the new presidents was to make the AMA more relaxed and less serious. For their meet the board program, they proposed providing free chipotle catering at the start of each semester. They did it this semester and ended up being a success, so shout out to them. There are a lot of exciting and fun things being planned for the organization, so make sure you check them out and join. 

National Association of Black Journalists (NABJ): This club has been on a sort of hiatus. Board members’ issues conflicted with a lot of what the organization had going on in past semesters. But they’re back in action and looking forward to a productive semester. President Shelby L. leads the charge, committed to making NABJ active and popular long after she’s gone, with help from her talented board members Leilah J., Kyanna R., Arron C. and Perpetual K. On RamConnect, the club details its mission: “The National Association of Black Journalists provides on and off campus programming centered around media and journalism.” They advocate on behalf of students of color, promote diversity in media at West Chester and around the world, assist in the success of students interested in media and network with aspiring and professional journalists across the country. To reiterate, all students are welcome, and you don’t have to be an amazing writer. If you love any type of media and want to know more about it and how to be efficient in it, join and keep up with updates on the organization

First Gen Rams: Most of us don’t realize we are first-generation college students. First, If your parents are immigrants, congratulations! Second, you are a first-generation college student, which is incredible. First Gen Rams is an organization that organizes and assists first-generation WCU students in navigating college on both a social and academic level. The club will be at the Find Your ORG event on Feb. 24 in Sykes Ballroom, so if you want to know more about this organization, make sure you go check them out. 

PRECISE: This club is all about fashion and showing your personality and skills through the clothes you wear. On RamConnect, they detail that “Precise is a fashion organization that instills confidence through the means of fashion.” “We allow our members to express themselves freely through various programs, fashion shows, performances and dance. We allow them to embrace their sense of fashion as best they know how. while also maintaining a great bond with one another.”

NAMI On Campus: NAMI is a mental health organization whose mission is to fight misconceptions and stereotypes about mental health. NAMI has various different programs geared toward helping people with mental health questions and problems. Whether that’s mediation, venting sessions, coloring, s-l-f love talks, and more NAMI meets on Tuesdays in Brandywine in room 010. 

Honorable mentions: Arabic Club, AFRISA, Black Men United, Colleges Against Cancer, Creative Writing Club, Geography and Planning Club, and National Association of Black Accountants. 

All organizations mentioned are available on to see more information on them. including upcoming events, board members, etc. It’s never too late to get involved! If you have a hobby or future career you want to get into and you think there’s an organization that aligns with that, then join!

Isaiah Ireland is a second-year Media and Culture major with a minor in Digital Marketing. 

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