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Some of you may notice that spirituality has become more accessible and mainstream in the past couple of years. Some may be overwhelmed with the thought of spells; some may be over the whole “guess your astrology” bit and some may just be confused altogether. Before anyone can head over to that side of spirituality, let us talk about good foundations that will help you move forward. This will not only help you develop your spirituality, but this will also help you in life.

Tip #1: Practice Mindfulness

This may go without saying, but taking the time for yourself is important, and being present with yourself is extremely important because it helps you truly be mindful. Being mindful means being present in whatever it is you’re doing. Whether that’s talking with a friend or watching your favorite program. This consists of you doing this one thing at a time. Instead of being with a friend and thinking about all the homework you did not finish, try fully listening to your friend and observe different things such as shift in tone, subject manner and what they are saying. This practice helps you not only to reduce stress, but also to be in flow with your day and allow all the possibilities to present themselves.

Tip #2: Everyone Has Free Will/Everyone’s on Their Own Journey

Have you ever had a friend or family member who would never take your advice or seemed to always make “bad choices” in your eyes? You wonder “well, if they just took my advice this would not happen” or “I feel like I always have to show them the right way to do things.” I think we have all been there and this can be exhausting. But what if we tried a new perspective and lens? Everyone is responsible for themselves, and everyone is on their own journey. What does this mean? When we come onto the planet, we create a soul contract (Akashic records) of things we want to experience for us to grow at the rate and speed we want. Now sometimes we have our own opinions and inputs as to how someone should live their lives, but at the end of the day, if we are impeding on their journey, we are also impeding on their free will which can cause friction in any relationship.

Tip #3: Intuition

Everyone has intuition whether you are consciously aware of this or not. Your intuition is the calm voice in your heart delivering clarity in any situation. When you are trying to discern your intuition as opposed to anxiety, fear or any other heavy emotion, just think of how it feels when being delivered to you. When you get these thoughts do you feel slightly calmer, or do you get more anxious and worried? Your intuition is your higher self guiding you in a situation for your highest good. Anxiety is acting out of fear and other heavy emotions when making a decision. As you practice mindfulness, you will get more in tune with your body and will be able to discern the differences.

Tip #4: Discernment

Discernment and intuition go hand in hand. As you begin to spend more time with you, you will start to understand what the feelings inside you mean. Intuition is trusting your heart and understanding what things are for the highest good, while discernment is using your best judgment. When using discernment, it is not about judging people, energies or yourself, it’s about being able to understand and recognize different aspects. These aspects include: “is this loving of me and others?” “Does this help serve me in my journey?” and “does it help someone with their journey?” This skill takes a little time to develop since it encompasses so much, but at the end of the day it is all about trusting your intuition to place your best judgment on how to move forward (But not by judging yourself or others).

Tips #5: Vibrations

Have you ever come across someone you instantly thought you would click with and then did? Or maybe the opposite has happened to you and you did not understand why? There are many possibilities as to why. One thing important to note is that each thing on this planet (sentient being or not) has a vibrational energy, even you. What this means is that, just like a fingerprint, everyone has their own unique energy packages. Some are light and floaty, like a fairy. Others are more grounded like a rock and some have explosive unicorn energy. Some energies are denser or lighter depending on where a person is at in their journey. But the most important thing is not to judge but just embrace the differences and how they feel. If you feel that sometimes you may be deterred or drawn in by someone, just think of it as perfume or cologne. Many do not always like every fragrance out there, but this does not mean it is bad perfume, it just means that perfume is not for you and that is totally fine.

Tip #6: You Have a Spirit Team

Yes, you may not know this, but everyone has a spirit team, all unique in sizes, energy packages and vibration. To put it simply, a spirit team is basically a group of energies (or people) that help you on your journey here on the planet. They all have incredible insight and a similar energy package to you. This can include mermaids, dragons, unicorns, biblical figures, relatives no longer on the planets, pets, angels, guardian angels and even people still living on the planet. Many people wonder how to have access to them. You already do have access to them. Maybe you feel a relative’s energy present when you’re going through a painful situation. Perhaps there is a specific biblical figure you are drawn to who most likely is on your team. Could it be you may have always had a fascination with fairies, flowers, nature or the outdoors (which would be part of the elemental realm of fairies, pixies, sprites, etc.)? When accessing one’s spirit team it is important to note that depending on the individual, their journey and their team, they can show up in large ways or more subtle ways. Intuition is a great place to start when trying to access your spirit team because they are helping guide you on their journey much like your intuition is. The more you enact these tips, the more you uncover and unlock in your beautiful spiritual journey.

Cherry Kivumbi is a fourth-year Media and Culture major.

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