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Photo credits: Dylan Edelman

Welcome back to Local Eats Lens, a series here at the Quad focusing on the local restaurants in the West Chester Area. Under the microscope for our final edition: Two Birds Cafe.

A mere two minutes from the borough, our tasters Seth, Keith, Kyle and Imade our way to a bustling piece of comfort, known as Two Birds Cafe. 

Even on this Wednesday morning, the rustic wooden interior echoed with the conversations of the people, as tables nearly three feet from each were filled.

“Cozy, we use the word cozy a lot here.” Co-owner Jessie Minchak told me. “I really want it to be like that neighborhood-feel type of atmosphere.” 

Jessie and her husband, Justin, the two birds, opened their small breakfast and lunch place three years ago in 2019, and have since lived out their lifelong dream. 

“Food is not a new thing for us, this is what we love to do and this is our passion,” she said. “We were dreaming about this for at least a good 5 to 7 years.” 

That sort of energy can easily be seen in their food, not only in taste, but in appearance. Every dish we were lucky enough to enjoy absolutely popped with color. 

The first dish of our final edition was the California Benedict, a take on the classic eggs Benedict with avocado, roasted red peppers, and pickled red onions, and of course topped with house made hollandaise sauce. 

Described as one of the dishes people that people really love by Jessie, the California Benedict that I enjoyed certainly lived up to those expectations.

The English muffin was crispy on the exterior but incredibly soft on the interior, making for a great sponge to soak up the hollandaise sauce and runny yolk of the perfectly poached egg. The avocado was rich and the pickled onions were bright and added a surprising sweetness to the dish, coming together for something really quite delicious. 

Our second dish, had by taster Seth, was another staple at the breakfast table in many households, a classic French toast served with fresh fruit on the side and topped with powdered sugar.

The French toast itself looked incredibly light and fluffy, with a perfect amount of browning on either side. 

“The cinnamon itself was really refreshing,” Seth told me. “it wasn’t overwhelming at all, they distributed it really well throughout the dish.”

By all accounts, the French Toast was a great morning starter. 

The third and final dish was the Hens’ Egg Platter, featuring two scrambled eggs, country style potatoes, two sausage patties and rye toast, an incredibly simple yet classic combination for our taster Kyle.

The eggs looked fluffy and the sausage looked incredibly well-seasoned.

“My favorite addition was probably the country potatoes.” Kyle commented, “They were really tasty and I think they were very unique because of the added peppers and onions that they had.” 

Two Birds Cafe is an absolutely delicious slice of home cooking right in West Chester, with everything made in house, you can really taste the thought that goes into every dish that they serve. On top of the quaint comfortable atmosphere that they create, our experience here was nothing short of incredible. 

You can find Two Birds’ seasonal menu and hours at their website twobirdscafewc.com or on instagram @twobirdscafe_wc

Dylan Edelman is a third-year Mathematics major with a minor in
Journalism. DE936681@wcupa.edu

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