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Less than a week away, the NFL Draft looms heavy over the Philadelphia Eagles. It truly feels like there is so much that can happen on draft night, due to the style which General Manager Howie Roseman has employed throughout his career. Already, he has shown his discontent to stay still, trading with the Saints to move down and gain their first round pick next year. Which, in my opinion, was a stellar move by Roseman, as it opens up quarterback flexibility for next off season should Jalen Hurts not pan out. 


As it stands right now, the Eagles hold 10 picks in the draft:


Round 1: No. 15 (from MIA)

Round 1: No. 18 (from NO)

Round 2: No. 51

Round 3: No. 83

Round 3: No. 101 (from NO)

Round 4: No. 124

Round 5: No. 154 (from WAS)

Round 5: No. 162

Round 5: No. 166 (from AZ)

Round 7: No. 237 (from NO


In the first two days, the Eagles will have picked five times, assuming they don’t trade them away in a blockbuster move. A move that may be brewing on the horizon. 


Quarterback names have been thrown around the most in Philly this offseason. First, it was Rusell Wilson, then Deshaun Watson and now a new name that has become linked to Philly: Kyler Murray. That’s right, the soon-to-be 25-year-old dynamic quarterback of the Arizona Cardinals has reportedly fallen into a strained relationship with the team and may be on the outs. 


As unlikely as I believe it to be (I think the Cardinals will likely re-sign him and the money will make him happy to be there once more), it is truly an intriguing discussion about whether or not Philly should inquire. The team will have plenty of draft capital to make a move with four first round picks over the next two years. They’d be getting a clear upgrade over Hurts in regards to talent and he would undeniably be the best quarterback in the division. So what’s the problem?


Murray has reportedly not been the best of teammates, being very reserved and holding himself in a more arrogant state-of-mind rather than one of humility. That sounds awfully familiar to Carson Wentz just before he got sent to Indy. Hurts, for his part, is as tough as nails, hard-working, inspiring and is a humble quarterback. It’s just the lack of talent that holds Hurts from being solidified as the starter. 


If Murray is open to be traded, the Eagles will very likely make a push. Sure, they’ve given glowing reviews of Hurts, and stated repeatedly that he’s the guy, but of course they would say that! Why would they bash their presumed starter in the media when no contingency plan is prepared? Until Hurts clears some imagined line of performance, he will always be the bridge quarterback in Philly, starting until they find an elite option. Murray could be that option. 


In other trade talk, star do-it-all receiver Deebo Samuel wants out of San Francisco. While he would be a great acquisition because of what he can do and his age, this wouldn’t necessarily be the smartest trade on the Eagles side of things. The draft capital would surely be expensive and his ensuing deal — the reason he wants out of San Fran — would be very high, thus limiting the Eagles’ flexibility to improve other aspects of the team, namely the quarterback. 


A whole lot of rumors are floating around and have been for some time (hey Honey Badger, you gonna sign here?), but the birds continue to lie in the shadows, never revealing their hand, until the time is right. The draft is this Thursday, April 28. Hold onto your seats. 

Joseph Gill is a third-year English major with a minor in Journalism.

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