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Apr 4, 2022


By Rebecca Kelley


I didn’t fall in love with you. 

If anything, it fell into me, hitting me 

like a meteor 

hidden behind the sunlight of your smile. 


It took me by surprise, 

threw logic out the windows of my soul 

and kept them open wide, 

so I could take you in. 


It came slowly then made itself known 

like — and with — the sunrise.

Suddenly, blindingly,

weeks of glances,


and atmospheres

made sense,

flowed in a gradient of pinks, 


and purples. 


Of course we fell for each other. 

Of course it all came to light as we watched 

the sun peaking out over the view

from your living room.

Of course we faded into the blue of reality.


When people ask what color the sky is, 

I say blue. 

That’s what they expect. 

And the blue is what I return to, 

what I spend my days with.


But when I wake up and fall asleep, 

no matter if the space next to me is empty 

or occupied,

I see us again, 

holding hands in the black of night, 

discovering the layers of colors we created 

for each other.

Rebecca Kelly is an alumnus of West Chester University of Pennsylvania.

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